BMW Individual leather case free of charge to all BMW drivers

About the BMW services all BMW drivers can order currently completely free of charge, a leather pouch with individual imprint. The leather card case is suitable for the accommodation of various plastic cards in conventional smart card Format, has an embossed BMW Logo and can additionally be with an individual embossing. The latter can be a maximum of ten characters in length and may, for example, first name or last name.To prevent abuse, must be specified in the order, the last seven Digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) – so you should not have the registration certificate part 1 (vehicle registration certificate) to Hand, in case you have the appropriate Numbers and letters in your head. Per the VIN, and thus, per vehicle just a real leather-case can be with individual imprint ordered. The background of the action the Applying of the current packages and offers from the BMW Service. In the context of the order the corresponding Info documentation also catalogues, can be …

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