KBA: BMW Diesel Software could N57-recall trigger

The Diesel scandal BMW now? Apparently, it was playing at around 11,700 vehicles, incorrect Software, which didn’t work as planned, and now a recall. According to BMW, a technical error has ensured that the original with the correct Software delivered models with Triturbo-Diesel have been raised in the context of an update to a Software version that was not meant for the models M550d and 750d the predecessor generations of the F10 and F01.By the engine Software, the exhaust gas purification has not worked as intended – which sounds quite a plausible explanation, but in the context of the current debate critics of the BMW will not follow reasoning with some degree of certainty. After approval by the Federal motor transport authority (KBA) to get the affected is 11,700 vehicles a your engine Software. In the connection of the exhaust-gas cleaning to work again as prescribed.Like BMW to explained in detail, was the erroneously-used Software for the vehicles with a combinatio…

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