Image comparison: New Audi A1 2018 hits MINI five-door F55 LCI

Eight years after the introduction of the first Generation in 2018, the new Audi A1 rolled out in the summer to the dealers. The second Generation of the Premium small car based on the technology system of the VW Polo, as a consequence, the almost countless models of the VW group’s proven MQB architecture, the wolf Burger is among the new edition. While the first Generation was initially available only as a three-door available, the new edition directly as a five-door hatchback called the Sportback at the Start and it should stay that way because the demand for the three-door version was always behind the ambitious goals, the Ingolstadt-based company, which is why a successor of the cooler, but less practical Version seems to be currently practically excluded.The indisputable most important opponent of the new Audi A1 2018 – at least apart from the group’s own and the technically closely-related rivals VW Polo and Seat Ibiza is the MINI five-door F55, the recent Facelift brought up to…

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