BMW Diesel-Sofware: Official Statement to N57-topic

The news came yesterday, like a clap of thunder, but with a little closer inspection, the BMW Diesel, the Software issue is a completely different than other manufacturers. Because the more Details come to light, the clearer it becomes: The subject has a incredibly bad Timing and is rated in the Public with some certainty similar to that of the exhaust gas affair at Volkswagen, the backgrounds and effects are completely different.First of all, it is to be noted that, in contrast to Diesel-issue with other brands, not hundreds of thousands or even millions of vehicles are affected, but only is 11,700 vehicles with the built-Triturbo-Diesel. This is 11,700 vehicles are distributed on four niche models, with the 381-HP version of the inline six-cylinder diesel N57 3.0 litre engine: BMW M550d sedan and Touring and the BMW 750d with short and long wheelbase.The same engine in the BMW X5 M50d and X6 M50d is not affected, is, paradoxically, the trigger of the problem. Because in the SUV mode…

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