360-degree-Video: BMW M2, M4, M5 Competition and the M6 in the drag race

Granted, the drag race is a somewhat one-sided Form of the power calculation. On the long Straight, only the horse include strengths, switching times, and, of course, the tact of the rider, when at last the light changes. Others are not quite uninteresting disciplines of Motorsport, for example, cornering speeds – neglected the Sprint on the quarter mile completely.

If, however, the BMW M2, BMW M4, BMW M5 Competition AND the BMW M6, meeting at a line in the great drag race, watching the curve of the craziest BMW Fan. The result of the great M-a duel seems, on paper, quite clearly, has but the Competition-M5 (F10) 600 PS compared to his opponents an enormous advantage.

The BMW M6 is a 560 HP and similar curb weight to the next turn, the BMW M4 (425 HP) and the BMW M2 (365 HP with manual transmission) afterwards to clear. That’s the theory. However, the Tester of Carwow have not fixed their 360-degree camera for nothing on the Carbon roof of the M4…

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Video: carwow via youtube

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by : klonr.com