Antitrust suspicion: EU-Commission checks unannounced at BMW

The a few weeks ago, from the mirror to the roles brought antitrust suspicions against several of the German car maker has now, apparently, to further investigations in the case of the BMW Group . As the dpa reports, citing a BMW-speaker, were in the course of the past week, investigators of the EU-Commission and the Federal cartel office to an unannounced inspection of documents in the Munich four-cylinder.

BMW stresses that the EU Commission has also opened continues to be no formal proceedings against the participating car manufacturers. The ongoing audits and inspections are the result of an open and a normal part of the operation, to keep an accurate picture of possible illegal agreements between the car manufacturers make. No secret that German car manufacturers for many years, various agreements. But these were neither secret nor the previously known arrangements were illegal. Whether the EU Commission uncovers in their Investigation and illegal aspects, remains to be seen.

In the last few days it has become known, moreover, that Daimler already turned some time ago to the competition authorities and from the arrangements reported. The Stuttgart hoping for a possible role as a key witness, which the possible penalties for Mercedes-Benz would be lower. Also, Volkswagen had already appealed against the allegations to the authorities and also a leniency regime hoped, the wolf burgers were in order, but to all appearances a little later than Daimler.

Of the total of five participating car manufacturers, with the highest penalties of BMW according to the current state, if the company outside the legal framework, have moved. Because Mercedes and Volkswagen brands VW, Audi and Porsche in the framework of self-display lower penalties have saved, the cartel is suspected for, the BMW Group is the biggest threat. How the investigation will develop, and what the allegations are substantiated in the end, it is not possible to predict.

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