BMW 5 series G30: Exclusive Tuning-body kit by 3D Design

The Japanese Tuner 3D Design is always at the forefront when it comes to new and Tuning parts for cars from Munich. The BMW 5 series G30 the Tuning experts from the far East are flying now with an exclusive body kit to the front. Technical Basis of the factory erhätlliche M sport package, the Look of the 3D Design components from Japan will be further aggravated as usual.

The Japanese have now brought in an exclusive Bodykit for the BMW 5-series G30 on the market. Previously, BMW M Performance, AC Schnitzer, and also Dähler had presented their parts for the sports sedan, now it is time for the Alternative from the far East. The customer gets in this case, add-on parts made of high-strength urethane or GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic). So there are spoilers, side-skirts, front splitter and rear diffuser, are moved to approach the car together, getting you closer to the Asphalt and thus even more aggressive Look.

Actually, the BMW 5-series G30 relies primarily on sporty Understatement – but this impression of restraint is broken up with the 3D Design body kit is definitely. It starts with the front lip, which looks at first glance a little to the front of the Alpina B5 and D5. The front lip is continued in the approaches of the side skirts, which run the lines to the sporty, modified rear.

There is a quite eye-catching rear end, in which the two double-pipes stainless steel sport exhaust system are embedded with damper function can be found then. In addition to the tips in the M5-Look of the generously-designed diffuser at the rear. Anyone who wants to, can not also completely made of Carbon existing intake system that looks not only beautiful, but also a few additional horsepower. For the Topping of the tailgate, the Kit includes a front lip spoiler, which is significantly greater than the optional lip from the BMW accessories. The sedan rolls on special 5-spoke rims from 3D Design to the customer.

Subtle the Tuning Design is rounded off by a special decorative stickers on the sides and some further Notes on the Japanese author. Also for the interior, you in Japan to come up with something: So there is a pedal set made of aluminum or floor mats including a 3D Design embroidery. In this Video you can see all the parts of the Bodykits in peace:

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(Images & Video: 3D Desgin)

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