BMW 7 series Individual Black Ice in Russia: Stylishly through the Winter

The Munich-based BMW Individual Manufaktur is not only takes care of the special requests of individual customers, but also, occasionally, to the of the whole market. As now in Russia, where the exclusive limited-edition special model BMW 7 series Individual Black Ice of Winter is ushered in. The frosty Special Edition has some features that are not for the series of sevens.

A special Highlight is the exterior color of the luxury sedan is emphasized in an elaborate “Frosty Black” Metallic, which changes upon incidence of light elegant and with its matte Finish, the lines and the body design of the BMW 7-series especially effective. In the production of a base coat of Metallic is applied in a varnish, and then with a special matte varnish to produce this effect.

Outside, the M Sport package, round ropes in a shiny “Glossy Black”, as well as mix frosted V-spoke rims of the Individual manufactory from adorns the dynamic appearance. Interior tasteful luxury reigns meanwhile. The Designer continued the dark theme of the special edition model is consistently and equip the BMW 7 series Individual Black Ice with dark nappa leather and silver stitching in a contrasting colour.

Also, the ceiling is hit with a Alcantara upholstery in Anthracite and to the right of the trim strip of the dashboard in the “Black Piano-Finish”, stressed a “Edition Black Ice”Logo that Winter can not only cold, but as in this case is also quite stylish. In Germany, the fully equipped BMW is not offered in the 7 series special model, by the way, unfortunately.

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