BMW antitrust allegations: No further collaborations with competitors?

According to information of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”, citing BMW-purchasing Director Markus Duesmann, BMW is planning for the time being, no new cooperation with competing companies. Existing contracts should be continued.

Background the announcement of the self-display of Volkswagen and Daimler in connection with the allegations of illegal cartel agreements. According to the report, BMW showed the Manager after the show itself be annoyed. You haven’t talked to the competitors about possible collaborations, while the lawyers of the competition had already prepared the display of these conversations.

The EU Commission had, in response to the allegations in the last week a so-called “review” in the Munich-based BMW group headquarters carried out, evidence to collect and an Overview of to. Daimler hopes, meanwhile, with the early self-display and a corresponding application in a leniency notice, and should substantiate the accusations – and lower penalty payments.

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