BMW chief Kruger: In the future, a 10 percent profit margin for E-cars

No, you have to be a car enthusiast to the beginning of this message is as obvious to dismiss: The BMW i3 has a lower profit margin than other vehicles in the group, with an ordinary internal combustion engine by the country. The reasons for this are clear: the technology is new and expensive, the sales figures are significantly lower than other models, the Carbon fiber body of the BMW i3 is time-consuming and accordingly expensive in production.

That should change soon. On the occasion of the 100,000. the BMW built the i3 from the Leipzig plant, BMW CEO Harald Krüger explained, according to automotive week, his goals for the future. So, in the future, set in the times of electric mobility, a profit margin of 10 percent. Information on the current profit margin of the recently revised BMW i3 wanted Krüger’t do that.

The Supreme group Manager explained how the objectives will be implemented: “The Know-how to the chemistry, battery cells, advances in cell technology, so that we can optimize the costs.” Also the in-house production of electric motors is beneficial in this regard.

Up to the year 2025, the BMW Group intends to expand its range of electric cars and more than 25 different electric or pure electric vehicles. So far, electric make-models, even at BMW, only a small part of the total production of 1.8 million vehicles sold worldwide between January and September, only 22,200 new electric BMW i3.

Source: Automotive Week

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