BMW i3-batteries drive the electric-Yacht Dasher from Hinckley to

For the world’s first fully electric-powered luxury yacht from Hinckley, the BMW i3 delivers the batteries to the power supply. In the “Dasher” referred to boat two battery packs will power each of the two 59 kW/80-HP electric motors with Power.

Almost silent Glide instead of a loud Bubbling sound of a V8 in the American yachting industry, the shift is now towards electromobility: the BMW i3 provides the batteries for the electric luxury yacht “Dasher” of Hinckley from Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Be built for almost 90 years, boats, and now dares, in cooperation with the Bavarian car maker to a classic picnic boat with E-drive. Without the engine noise and Fumes can be slipped with the precious boat over the water.

In the 8,69 Meter-long luxury yacht with two 80 HP electric motors, which make use of two 40 kWh battery pack of the i3 and your current work. The batteries have been able to convince the boat manufacturer, thanks to their compact dimensions as well as its shock resistance. So you do not make the water too quickly limp, the American company on lightweight. The Dasher should be the lightest boat, what ever walked in the company from the stack. This is made possible, of course, as in the automotive industry and the battery dispenser i3, the generous use of high-tech material Carbon.

The boat can accelerate up to 44 km/h (27 mph or 24 knots). The travel speed is 16 km/h (10 mph, or 9 knots). Who wants to just leisurely cruising, comes with one battery charge, up to 64 kilometers wide. Who presses the lever far forward and, accordingly, drives fast, only between 32 and 40 km with a power filling. Within four hours, the batteries should be charged fully. A trade sufficient, apparently, the usual outlet is finally find in any Marina.

In the Cockpit, it is elegant and simple: More than a steering wheel, a throttle control and a large touch screen, all important functions can be controlled, it does not need. What to cost of the luxury electric-fun on the water, unfortunately, remains a strict company secret. As of now, the E can be ordered Yacht. In the summer of 2018, deliveries of the first boats to start.

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Pictures & Video: The Hinckley Company

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