BMW M2 Competition could be the last M with a manual switch

Even if it is for the purists, it is difficult to comprehend, the facts speak for years, a clear language: Manual transmissions are not only of interest to BMW M, but in the case of sports cars in General. While there are some customers for a genuine and honest sports car is always a manual switch, the large majority decides but for modern automatic transmissions, regardless of whether with a dual-clutch or torque-Converter automatic.

The reasons are obvious: thanks to the larger number of gears and its almost scary quick gear changes sporty automatic transmissions generally offer better driving performance than manual gearbox. Although two-tenths of a second in the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h are rarely decisive for the war, but they show that DKG & co. have long since gained the upper hand in terms of Performance.

This is true not only for the performance on the paper and on straight track, but also on the track: Because of the automatic gear, gears to choose nowadays, almost always optimal, to become manual intervention as well as unnecessary. It is, however, necessary, is done with a short train on the shift paddles on the steering Wheel just faster than the usual choreography of the left foot on the clutch pedal and right Hand on the shift lever. In any case, both hands remain on the steering Wheel and the gear selector must not necessarily take place manually, also facilitates the concentration on the perfect line and contributes to faster lap times.

In an interview with the British AutoCar said now Dirk Häcker of BMW M to the question of the future of manual Transmissions. Accordingly, the BMW M2 could very well be the last vehicle of the M GmbH, which is still offered with a manual transmission. In the case of all other series, the demand for the hand switch was just too low to be able to continue to use two transmissions in parallel. According to our information, not, for example, be ordered in the case of M3 and M4 around 90 percent of the vehicles with DCT, even when M2 is a large majority of reaches for the hand switch.

In the same context, Dirk Häcker also spoke about the future of the so-long formative rear-wheel drive at BMW M. the Long years of all-wheel drive in Garching, Germany, was not an Option, but with the Power-SUV X5 M and X6 M four driven wheels were at the M GmbH. With the new BMW M5 F90 is the first sedan now comes with M xDrive and the BMW M8 will use according to our information, M xDrive.

For M3 and M4, the new drive concept for M must mean models with a V8 and a minimum of 600 HP, however, is not: “We will use all-wheel drive when we need him,” says hackers for the AutoCar, and suggests that not all innovations will drive all four wheels. Even the BMW M3 and M4 will receive in their next-Generation more power than before, they should be even easier. All-wheel drive would make this target position is unnecessarily complicated.

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