BMW M3 CS to 2018: spy video from the Nürburgring

A couple of months ago, we reported for the first time from the upcoming BMW M3 CS, now there are the first spy video from the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Because before the Winter conquered the Eifel and more test drives, more difficult to use all of the manufacturers are perhaps the last days of the year in the Green hell for more testing. Even if the technology of the BMW M3 CS tested from the point of view of the M GmbH is already in a very similar Form already in use in the series is on the way, it must be for use on Board of the new Power-sedan and adapted to be evaluated.

Large differences to the technology package to the BMW M4 CS are not expected, however, to, finally, M3 and M4 also share in the remaining variants, by far the largest part of the M-specific technology components. For the BMW M3 CS that is to say: as close as with this model, the sedan from the factory, is placed never to the M4 GTS! Even with four doors, we can expect a Nürburgring lap time of 7:40 minutes, the Coupé mastered the “Green hell” as we know, in 7:38 minutes.

Compared to the 450 HP strong M3 with the Competition package the new BMW M3 CS in 2018, not only a power increase to 460 HP, but mainly a lot of the even more on maximum race track Performance-optimized technology of the M4 GTS. Already with the naked eye, the Carbon-bonnet with a massive Powerdome and the additional Splitter on the front apron detect, this is different than the GTS but is not extendable. As the aerodynamic counter-player to the front splitter, the BMW M3 CS receives a striking spoiler lip on the trunk hood, which also provides for additional pressure.

A first impression of the Performance of the sedan the following prototype provides Video of the test drives on the Nordschleife:

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The CS suspension is principally based on the M3 with the Competition package, but will be voted on again sharper and with a particularly high traction Michelin Ultra High Performance tires combined with the type of Pilot Sport Cup 2. Lightweight forged wheels also contribute their part to the BMW M3 CS is even more agile on the road and even higher cornering speed. Of course, it is preceded with 460 HP and a curb weight of 1.6 tons on a straight line quickly, and the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is done at the wheel of the M3 CS in less than four seconds.

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