BMW M3 Inspired by Air Jordan: E46 feat. Michael Jordan 400ML

Who needs to think the car in the name of 400ML at the Stuttgart site, is in this case not quite correct. Behind the not particularly promising name for a group of Beijing Graffiti artists were allowed to make recently, one by the Tuner iAcro tuned BMW M3 E46. The result is not less than the fusion of two legends.

In his active period between 1984 and 2003, Michael Jordan was one of the best basketball players of all the sports in the world. His exceptional Talent and, of course, the spectacular slam dunks earned medals in the Shooting Guard of the Chicago Bulls and two Olympic gold and six times the title of NBA Champion.

No wonder that, Air Jordan, the brand of the native New Yorkers, Fans of the cult enjoys the Status. Especially popular are the limited edition Nike Air Jordan Sneakers, to the trigger with each edition a new Hype.

The Beijing Spray-professionals have now designed the body of the 343 HP strong BMW M3 E46 in the style of the sports Shoe “Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago”. The roof and sides of the typical Nike hook is adorned on the hood and rear window is seen the Air Jordan Logo.

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