BMW M340i 2019: the G20-Erlkönig, a Carbon roof?

Sometimes there are no abnormalities, the make Erlkönig photos particularly exciting. The recent photos of the show the BMW M340i G20, i.e., the first M Performance variant of the 3-series at a test in Spain. What is striking is that the camouflage in the area of the roof is a clear distinction from the rest of the vehicle, and also of the ungetarnten areas of the hood. With a view to lightweight construction-roofs of the even sportier M models a question in the room: is this immediately to the BMW M340i Wears just like its big brother M3 a Carbon roof?

A definitive answer we can give at this point, but from our point of view, several points speak against it, in spite of a striking camouflage. Perhaps the most important Argument is the exclusivity of the BMW M3, which should not be made of a M340i in question is the Top model in need of some well-visible distinguishing features, which provide for a clear delineation of the weaker models. Another point is the price, because, of course, a Carbon-fiber roof-is noticeable more expensive than the use of the same metal-solution as is the case with all other BMW 3-series G20.

But, even apart from the strange roof of the BMW deserves M340i on the photos of the engine.there is a further consideration. The special shape of the exhaust system could definitely be the later series in Design and would fit well with a sporty variant of BMW M Performance. The generously dimensioned brake system, evidence that here is a more high-powered and dynamic-positioned Version of the BMW 3-series G20 is turning its rounds.

The opened side Windows of the prototypes allow us a small view into the interior of the BMW 3-series G20. Easily recognizable, the digital instrument Display, which is, at least in the larger of the two expansion stages of the same options and imaging solutions, how the current solutions of the 5-series G30 & co. is. Even otherwise, the new 3 series in 2019 will be more than in the past to the Standards of higher classes of vehicle and its driver not only enhanced driving dynamics, but also with high-quality materials delight.

Especially to drivers who do not want to compromise on dynamics, on the other hand, but not in the mood to compromise in everyday life, is in the new BMW M340i G20. The M Performance automobile followed the tried-and-tested approach to offer customers more than sufficient dynamics in the case of completely unaltered everyday practicality – not too hard, not too loud, but also not to lacklustre fashion, or too weak on the chest. Whether or not it will be for European customers and a BMW M340d G20 with well over 300 horsepower Diesel, is against the Background of the current Diesel-discussions are still open.

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