BMW M4 and S 1000 R: – Sharp double-Edition for Russia

Admittedly, for most of our readers, a special edition of BMW Russia has no practical relevance. And currently the issue is, because BMW group Russia has presented the corresponding special models already in June. However, because the images are then passed by us, since then, but nothing of its beauty lost, we want to give it to at this point. After all, it is just the autumn, in the bright colors again and again for enthusiasm.

A total of 23 of the BMW M4 F82 LCI and 7 BMW S 1000 R have been painted in Individual liveries Speed Yellow and Laguna Seca Blue, so as not to fall even stronger to the eye. All 23 of the BMW M4 wearing the Competition package, velvet characteristic light-alloy wheels in a Design star spoke 666, and a few Carbon add-on parts from BMW M Performance. 15 vehicles were painted in the color Laguna Seca Blue, the rest of the 8 Speed Yellow. In the case of the two wheels, the 7 specimens spread over 4 pieces in Blue and 3 pieces in Yellow.

The official photo shoot for the special edition BMW Russia was apparently in the Sochi Autodrom on the road, this is since 2014 also Austragunsort of the formula 1-race to the Grand Prix of Russia. In the boys race track on the outskirts of Sochi, the 450-horsepower BMW M4 coupe and the 165-horsepower BMW S were allowed to destroy 1000 of each lot of rubber, where spectacular images are created.

Since the four-cylinder engine of the BMW S 1000 R has a curb weight of only 205 kg, loose enough 165 HP and 114 lb-ft of torque, to beat the much stronger BMW M4 coupe with Competition package in the standard print. With a factory specification of 4.0 seconds do not need to hide but also to the M4 for sure, and certainly not in the automotive environment, where its Strengths are by no means on the longitudinal dynamics of the limit, but mainly dynamic in nature.

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