BMW M5 F90: Configurator allows quick dreams

For most of us, the BMW M5 F90 will remain for the foreseeable future, an unattainable dream car, but Dream is known to be allowed and the thoughts are free. Who wants to imagine in concrete terms, how his BMW M5, 2018 in the domestic driveway would be, with the Configurator on the Chance to experiment and Try out: What color is the Power sedan is actually the Best of what rim will fit and what is the color combination of the interior creates the optimal compromise between dynamic performance and everyday life?

In the Configurator, eleven paint finishes from classics like Alpine are currently white or sapphire black to Snapper Rocks, Blue for choice, with the help of BMW Individual, other color is available for a surcharge, of course, wishes can be realized. Two wheel Designs in 19 and 20 inch will complement the Look of the BMW M5 F90, wherein the larger wheels are also from the factory, in the Jetblack is available and then make a sharp contrast to the exterior color.

In Germany, the base price for the BMW M5, as announced at 117.900 Euro, with one or other of the cross in the list of equipment considerably more but is still possible. An interesting special equipment, the M Track Pack is available at a price of 11,250 Euro, with M Driver’s Package, M Carbon ceramic brakes, and M Carbon engine cover the dynamic side of the sedan, and emphasizes the M5 fit for the race track.

With its 600 HP V8 Biturbo, and the ability to speed within 3.4 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h, the BMW M5 F90, regardless of its specific facilities in this discipline, so far the fastest series BMW of all times. Possible the significant improvement in comparison to its predecessor, the traction of all-wheel drive M xDrive, the push-button disable. So the M5 driver always have the choice of: Maximum traction or maximum driving fun – which to me is more important today?

Directly to the Configurator it goes along here.

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