BMW R 1200 RS ConnectedRide: networking lowers the risk of accidents

With the presented prototype of BMW R 1200 RS ConnectedRide Bayern want to show what is currently in terms of networking in the case of motorcycles is already possible. The Concept Bike shows how the risk of accidents can be reduced through a comprehensive set of networking significantly. Even if the Autonomous Driving for motorcycles seems to be not an issue so much with the so-called “Vehicle-to-Vehicle-Communication” (V2V) possible, to minimise the risk of a crash.

Also, the vehicles from BMW Motorrad are always safer, the developers have made the Sport-Tourer BMW R 1200 RS ConnectedRide with technology crowded prototypes. In the 2016 ongoing collaboration with Honda and Yamaha, which have now also presented their visions and prototypes on the Basis of a Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin and a Yamaha Tracer, 900–, has developed technologies to improve networking, to reduce the risk of accidents.

At the conference of the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) in Munich, the Bavarians have recently unveiled their prototype, which has, in addition to a crossroad and left – turn assistant on a number of other systems to prevent an accident between a motorcycle and a Car. A Central point in both is the warning to the bikers themselves as well as Warn other networked participants in traffic.

A technology of special interest: the so-called “Vehicle-to-Vehicle-Communication” (V2V), with the help of which the vehicles communicate with each other and share information. This is important, because up until now, normal assistance systems Radar – or camera-based, but the impending risk of an accident for the Biker only very shortly before a collision report, so that was the time to React usually.

The new System, based on a manufacturer-independent communication standard and the highly accurate satellite-based localization, is to now intervene much earlier and the drivers of two connected in-car alert, even before they have visual contact with each other. The closer a threat comes to the collision, the stronger, the daytime running lights of the motorcycle to modulate. Also, the turn signals are activated, to other traffic participants on the two-Wheeler carefully to avoid an accident by Overlooked.

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