BMW X2 2018: All the pictures and info on SUV-Dynamicist F39

With the BMW X2, the Munich-based fill one of the last gaps in the successful X-program. However, while the even Numbers so far for the SUV-coupe with a heavily sloping roof line were reserved, the new BMW X2, 2018, in whole, chose a different path. Although he, too, is a particularly dynamically drawn and compared to the X1 indisputable sportier model, he prefers his independence, but for a lot more Details than just the roof line.

In comparison with the technology donor, X1 F48, the internal F39 called the BMW X2 in 2018 is on the UKL architecture for vehicles with front – wheel drive is the newcomer in the SUV program, nearly eight inches shorter, three inches wider and practicing seven inches flat. The modified dimensions allow for a sportier appearance, the Design with many discrete elements support the dynamics of the proportions again. Here, the X2 remains as practical as a Compact SUV: 470 liters of trunk volume and a three-split rear seat are available for unrestricted suitability for everyday use.

BMW X2 in 2018: the small SUV-Dynamicist F39

The Front, with its narrow-cut headlights and especially the bottom, wider kidney strongly to the Concept Car, in the side view, the shallower window line and the BMW Logo on the C-pillar. The crowning glory is a rear section, which is marked by a small disk and the flat tail lights. The X2 is clearly different from all the other BMW, but is, nevertheless, at first glance, as a member of the family is recognizable. With the new coatings Galvanic Orange and Misano blue bold colors are the customer’s choice, up to 20-inch light-alloy wheels emphasize the extroverted appearance in addition.

From a technical point of view, the relationship with the X1 remains obvious, but the long to the worldwide Bestseller matured Compact SUV is not less than a very strong base. At the request of the X2 gets the Dynamic damper Control with two damping characteristics, and 10 mm lowered suspension or the M sport suspension, also with DDC can be combined, and in addition, via specially adapted warehouse for the stabilizers. For the BMW X2 in 2018, its developers promise, thanks to the more developed and the sporty tuned chassis, the most agile and best Handling in its class and “a level of driving pleasure, it was so in this Segment, yet not tangible.”

The motors play a major role, with the market launch in the spring of 2018, only four-cylinder to choose from. First of all, the only petrol engine in the BMW X1 sDrive20i with 192 HP and front-wheel drive, later, the all-wheel-Varinte X2 xDrive20i as well as the front-wheel-drive entry-level three-cylinder sDrive18i follow. On the side of the Diesel models xDrive20d initially with 190 HP and xDrive25d with 231 horsepower and, a little later, the entry-level variants sDrive18d and xDrive18d follow. Interesting Detail on the edge: Who the BMW X2 with gasoline engine and automatic transmission is ordered, the last in the X1, introduced Seven-speed DCT from Getrag , and, unlike the Diesel models – no Eight-speed torque-Converter automatic.

On the latest state of the art, the interior of the BMW X2, 2018, upon request, extensive equip. Already on Board as standard is a 6.5-inch Infotainment Display, which can be used in combination with the smaller of the two navigation system via touch control. In conjunction with the navigation system Professional, the BMW 1 and 2 series built – in series of well-known Display with 8.8-inch Touchscreen. The current iDrive System relies on Live tiles to the main menu, and offers preparation thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive+ a comprehensive networking of Wi-Fi Hotspot up to Apple’s CarPlay.

Just like the X1, the BMW X2 is equipped with a Head-Up Display, as common in this price class on a disc for projection. The full-colour and high-resolution HUD projects all relevant information directly into the driver’s field of vision and makes the display seem to be above the hood to float. Assistance systems such as lane departure warning, Speed Limit Info, forward collision and pedestrian warning or Active cruise control with Stop & Go function round out the package. The Highlight of the motorway-traffic jam assistant that controls at speeds up to 60 km/h independently of the distance to the vehicle in front and the car in the middle of its lane if the driver keeps at least one Hand on the steering Wheel and his attention signaled.

Adrian van Hooydonk (head of BMW Group Design): “The BMW X2 is an expression of modern and extroverted vehicle dynamics. The unique vehicle concept offers a new, fresh and exciting facet of the brand BMW in the compact segment.”

Thomas Sycha (head of Design for a compact-class BMW): “The BMW X2 connects the acceleration of the formal language of a coupĂ© with the solid volume of an X-vehicle. It was important for us to make this seemingly conflicting facets, and the individual character of the BMW X2 from any perspective and at first glance, to be experienced.”

Gernot Schmierer (head of Design, customer experience): “It was important to us the interaction of the customer with his vehicle on the display is not only visually appealing and understandable, but also to enhance the operating concept intuitive. With the BMW X2, we can offer our customers the opportunity to interact on the way with the vehicle’s inter, with the help of which you feel most comfortable with. The BMW X2 with the optional Touch functionality and the optional Head-Up Display, a customer experience of the Extraklase in this vehicle class.”

BMW X2 in 2018 – All of the engines at the market launch in the Overview:

X2 sDrive20i: 2,0 R4 | 192 HP | 280 Nm | 7,7 s 0-100 | 5,5-5,9 l/100km
X2 xDrive20d: 2,0 R4 | 190 PS | 400 Nm | 7,7 s 0-100 | 4,6-4,8 l/100km
X2 xDrive25d: 2,0 R4 | 231 HP | 450 Nm | 6.7 s 0-100 | 5,1-5,3 l/100km

Other engines, introduction to the market in the first half of 2018, confirmed technical data part is not yet officially:

X2 sDrive18i: 1,5 R3 | 140 PS | 220 Nm | 5,9-6,3 l/100km
X2 xDrive20i: 2,0 R4 | 192 HP | 280 Nm | 6,1-6,2 l/100km
X2 sDrive18d: 2,0 R4 | 150 PS | 330 Nm | 4,5-4,7 l/100km
X2 xDrive18d: 2,0 R4 | 150 PS | 330 Nm | 4,8-5,2 l/100km

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