BMW X2 M: Photoshop design shows F39 Performance Version

In the case of a sporty positioned BMW, it usually takes not long until the question of a M-model. The BMW X2 M is not an exception, the answer from Garching, Germany, but is expected to leave a bit longer. Like a BMW X2 M could look like one day, shows us a current Photoshop design from X-Tomi.Design should not be high hopes for a speedy realization of all Fans of the idea but rather.

After all, it is clear: The BMW X2 xDrive25d will retain its role as one of the strongest X2 really long because the Background is worked with high pressure on the BMW X2 M35i. The M Performance model of the new series is already a done deal and should pick up all those customers who do not want to be without a Compact SUV to a motor output of about 300 HP. A new stage of development of the turbocharged four-cylinder BMW B48 will come with 2.0 Liter displacement, which is already for some time in development.

Whether above the BMW X2 M35i is still plenty of room for a real M-model, may well be doubted. Perhaps the most important question is the drive train: Since the X2 is based on the BMW UKL architecture, for vehicles with front-wheel drive, it carries the Motor transversely to the direction of travel. Plenty of room for an in-line six-cylinder is therefore not available, the four-cylinder B48 is of course the end of the flagpole reasons, and for a M-model performance would be an indication of well over 350 HP in this class of vehicle required.

The second problem in connection with the powertrain is the Transmission of engine power to the road. Although the BMW X2 can be ordered with all-wheel drive xDrive, and then with the help of a Haldex clutch, the driving of the rear wheels – if the concept for the Performance demands of a real M-model, tested in Garching, Germany, but yet to be decided. Also, if the modern systems are, thanks to the electronic influence is quite a sporty Drive, the high claims of the M GmbH, is a significant obstacle.

(Design By X-Tomi.Design)

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