BMW X3 M40i G01: From 0 to 100 in the Sound and the Tacho-Video

To Pay as the Sprint-to-value of under five seconds for the BMW X3 M40i G01, many car have used-interested for a long time. What was once a sound barrier for a sports car, is now ripped regularly by vehicles, where such services would never have thought that a few years ago no one. We had our first ride with the BMW X3 G01 the Chance, the M Performance SUV two Times in quick succession, from 0 to 100 km/h to accelerate and have a short Sound – and Tacho-Video created.

Thanks to Launch Control, eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive acceleration from standstill to the children’s game: driving mode Sport+, gear-selector lever is in the left location, Sport, street, tilt, left foot on the brake, right foot to the Launch Control is fully on the accelerator, and active. Who now takes the left foot from the brake pedal, the BMW X3 M40i G01 with full power to accelerate. The support of a best-possible acceleration in the framework of the Launch Control will continue as long as the accelerator remains fully depressed.

Unfortunately, it will allow the traffic rules in Portugal, on public roads, speeding at over 100 km/h to capture, for the relevant Videos a test ride on the German Autobahn, therefore, is only in question. The 360 HP strong row six cylinder B58 with its 360 HP and 500 Newton-meters in the three-digit area for superior Performance, however, lies on the Hand.

It is also clear, however, that the performance of the X3 M40i not yet represent the end of the flag pole in the environment of the G01. The expected to be around 100 HP stronger BMW X3 M will move the boundaries a bit further and with more pressure to accelerate up to its market launch, a little time will pass, the rest of the M40i but first of all, on the title of the fastest series-X3 of all time.

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