BMW Z4 M40i G29: the sporty Top model in two power levels?

Since the Premiere of the highly elegant BMW Concept Z4 at Pebble Beach, the anticipation is growing in the automotive world. 2018, the eagerly-awaited BMW Z4 G29 to come out on the market – so enough time for a few new unofficial information on sports cooperation project with Toyota still remains.

So far, the speech was in the preview articles, often of things that do not have the BMW Z4 2018. So , according to Georg Kacher for the two-seater Roadster, neither a version with the xDrive all-wheel drive planned to be a pure sports model under the Label of the Z4 M. Still is the customer, of course, a powerful Top Version be available – and probably even in different performance levels.

Currently, the Munich-based test two different configurations of the BMW Z4 M40i with a Roadster-is the proper three-liter six-cylinder under the hood. The B58M1 designated turbo engine in its base configuration 335 HP. Under the symbol B5801 a second variant in the test is also still operating, with the help of the BMW Z4 M40i brings a whopping 385 HP on the street. two possible explanations for the different engine Setups. So it could be in the 335 HP Version a, due to the strict emission rules on the efficiency of trimmed configuration for the European market. This Option would be for BMW atypical, and for the Fans to be quite painful, but considering the high power difference to the 385 HP model is highly unlikely.

The second, more probable and more attractive way: the BMW Z4 M40i is offered with a slightly more dynamic Competition scissors package, in addition to the 50 additional horsepower and more torque is likely to contain, among other things, a sportier-tuned suspension and a few visual modifications.

To Premiere in 2018, BMW will provide clarity. Until then, only healthy optimism and anticipation leaves us – 385 HP strong BMW Z4 M40i with the Competition package…

Text: Jonas Eling

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