BMW Z8 from Steve Jobs under the Hammer: Up to $ 400,000 in auction proceeds

For Fans of the Apple brand, and admirers of Apple founder Steve Jobs with the corresponding Small change in the bag in December, a particularly interesting auction: The BMW Z8 of the Masterminds in New York under the Hammer. The auction house Sotheby’s expects a revenue of up to 400,000 US dollars.

In the halls of the auction house, the silver-colored piece of jewelry awaits, with 400 HP under the hood will be up for auction on the 06. December 2017, to a new owner. Of course, all the previous owners were documented in accordance with, and all of the original equipment is part of the offer.

Of course, there are then for the new owner certificates of authenticity in the Form of a plurality of service invoices and also a copy of the California vehicle license with Steve Jobs‘ name, and his personal residence.

Jobs evidently got from his friend in Silicon Valley, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the good advice to buy the car. In the Sotheby’s auction description it says: “according to legend, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, the famous CEO of Oracle, was persuaded to buy the Z8. He says Jobs, that car is the epitome of the modern car technology and ergonomics, just like Steve’s own products and company philosophy.“ And so it was then that the luxurious vehicle landed in the Apple founder. He secured the vehicle, the on 01. April 2000, was built, and on the day 24 years older than his Apple Empire. Its Foundation stone was already on the 01. April 1976.

In October 2000, the Apple CEO was able to take the vehicle in possession, but after three years, the silver was sold to a colored slide to the current owner in Los Angeles. The also had the license plate number of JOBS Z8 attach. For the interior, including the original Motorola flip phone with BMW Branding, Steve Jobs, as you can imagine – not very liked.

Images: © Sotheby’s

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