Car antitrust: Daimler-Chef Zetsche criticized media coverage

The antitrust allegations against German car maker to keep the economy of the daily Newspapers of the parts in the spell. What is now the alleged collusion, which some media said the largest business scandal since the second world war? For Dieter Zetsche does not seem the bottom line is that to remain much to be desired: “The fact that we have reported here, has nothing to do with how we assess the case,” says Daimler’s chief, in an Interview with the Handelsblatt.

Well, that the application for leniency could well happen one or the other now, but as an admission of guilt, is somehow on Hand. Zetsche denies that it was among the car manufacturers actually fixing, but had to ask, “for the benefit of, at the end of the day, the customers, because they generate efficiencies, which ultimately products for all more efficient and more affordable.”

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Of illegal price-fixing agreements and the like, the Daimler head wants to know nothing, but checked on the current preliminary investigations by the EU Commission: “Whether there were any areas in which the Situation is as clear as glass, is at the moment.” The sounds, however, less after the biggest financial scandal since the war, than to the uncertainty on all sides. The auto makers – including BMW don’t seem to know quite simply whether or not their agreements have exceeded in some Places legal limits – and the EU-Commission is still considering whether there is to determine.

With a view to the unclear Situation Dieter Zetsche criticized the role of the media in the auto cartel: “If on the one hand, the biggest scandal since the Second world war, two years call, and on the other hand, since this topic is on the table, no formation of opinion could arise, whether it is worth to open a procedure on the subject, then, a certain discrepancy is present”.

The question remains open as to whether the antitrust allegations, dissolving at the end into air, or whether the German car manufacturers are actually caught in a scandal. An answer can only deliver to the EU Commission – if the pre-investigation, in the course of last week, a visit to BMW took place in Munich, Germany, are finally completed.

Source: REUTERS via automotive week

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