Driving report BMW 6 series GT G32: a Second chance for a good idea

In a way, the BMW 6 series GT G32 to restart under similar circumstances, a second attempt for a only partly successful Experiment. The main criticism of the predecessor have taken the developers, of course, especially to the heart: A love at first sight was the predecessor to rare. With the 5er GT BMW dared a few years ago, the implementation of a concept that has tapped into many people, only on the second glance – but so far, there was not always, because the first glance was enough for some and the slightly chunky appearance, could not spraying the hoped-for elegance.

But who gave the most spacious of all the 5 series a Chance and it is closer looked at, was often convince: BMW says that the customers of the 5-series include GT the most satisfied with the brand. Maybe it’s because you have to get exactly the car you are looking for a long time, and yet nowhere to be found. Especially in Asia, the customer handles some getting used to like, worldwide considered state-of-the Gran Turismo, but always in the shadow of the saloon. The BMW 6 series GT will not be a volume model, white man in Munich very carefully. Although you want to increase sales compared to the previous clear, you are talking about but without the ADO of a niche model: The Gran Turismo is aimed at a specific audience and is not a car for the wants and needs of the great mass.

Driving report: BMW 6 series GT G32 with Executive Drive chassis

Your second Chance gets the good idea from November 2017 in the Form of the BMW 6 series GT G32. We were allowed to for a first drive report on the wheel of a new 640i, equipped with M sport package and the suspension package Executive Drive. More important, however, is that you are standing from afar in front of a undoubtedly elegant vehicle. The roof line of the extension of the vehicle looks thanks to the significantly lower rear end much more fluid than its predecessor, and the Design elements of current BMW a-class and also contribute their part.

The eye is rewarded, moreover, that the front and rear doors now have a similar length and on the strong visual emphasis of the rear-doors is dispensed with. Who will open the frameless doors for the second row, get the previous well-known feeling of a more than sufficient space. Here, too, the developers are quite proud of their product: in Spite of more formal forms of the space in the rear could be improved again by a few millimeters. A useful Detail on the edge of seats, the revised console in the front, because this allows the rear-seat passengers more comfortable to Stretch out your legs under the seats in the front.

Even more important for us, but nevertheless, as you sit in the first row, and especially drives. Directly after getting much reminiscent of the current 5-series G30, which is unmistakably the technical Basis of the BMW 6 series GT. Buttons and controls were virtually unchanged, and ensure high-quality Flair, but they also show: The new 6-series is not a 7 series, its materials, and the processing is based on the level of the 5-series.

His name described middle ground between the 5 series and 7 series, the 6 series GT, however, is the suspension, because here the boundaries between the two vertices of the up-market BMW models are blurred. The rear axle of the Gran Turismo is just like in the 5 series Touring G31 sprung always in the air and is, however, built very compact. The front axle comes directly from the 7 series: With the adaptive 2-axis air suspension of the BMW 6-series GT receives exactly the suspension technology of a luxury sedan, which is one of the most comfortable cars of our time.

The result is, you can tell when you Hit the first bump in the road: the 6-series in the Comfort driving mode, Plus, bumps and even shock, such as railway sleepers convincing filtered out. This makes the BMW 6 series GT, a model journey sedan with premium comfort on long-haul. The Executive Drive is called the chassis package includes in addition to the all-Round air suspension and active roll stabilization, which, together with the Integral active steering-mentioned rear-axle steering for a very dynamic driving friendly driving behaviour in sport modes.

Even if the focus of the BMW 6 series GT is on agility and high cornering speeds, it seems to be measured in terms of its size and the main task of the vehicle is anything other than lacklustre fashion. That BMW waives the offer of a Sport+ mode, but it still fits into the picture: most of The customers will be driving the Gran Turismo in the Comfort mode or the Setup of the Adaptive Mode that adjusts depending on the driving situation to the driver’s wishes and the suspension, for example before a ride over winding country roads brings independently in a sportier mode. The G32 has slimmed down compared to its predecessor up to 150 kilograms, is certainly not a disadvantage.

The harmonious, shining Partner in the comfortable chassis, the proven in-line six-cylinder B58. In the BMW 640i GT its 340 HP to play never in the foreground, the engine is instead an oasis of peace with a sovereign power reserves. Although you could fit the Gran Turismo in 5.4 seconds from 0 to 100 scarecrows, but to the character of the car would hardly. A lot more you catch, as the 6-series GT in Comfort mode, and the pleasantly low noise level. However accelerated at the exit or, in short, a different car to be overtaken, the 340 HP immediately gun at foot and drive, the digital speedometer needle in the large Display behind the steering Wheel in the wind in front of it.

What is currently in the field of Autonomous Driving, the BMW 6 series GT with Driving Assistant Plus. The sizes and capabilities of assistance systems which have been adopted unchanged from the 7 series and 5 series, the 6-series monitors and analyzes the environment with the help of cameras and radar sensors. Of the active speed control through the steering and Lane-keeping assist function, the lane change assistant, everything is on Board, what it has to offer, the BMW staff, Co-Pilot currently. That is a lot of information not only in the digital instrument display, but also in the large Head-Up-Display will be displayed.

The advantages of the rear axle of the BMW 5 series Touring G31 will eventually clear, if you open the tailgate: With a volume of 610 liters, the BMW 6 series GT G32 has the second largest trunk of all current BMW models, the X5 is a little more spacious. And if you umklappt the back seat, a full 1,800 litres of cargo space available. Thus, the 6 series Gran Turismo is not only one of the most comfortable and the most luxurious, but also one of the most variable of the current BMW models.

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