Driving report BMW X3 M40i G01: rise, thanks to the attention to Detail

On success it has been lacking the BMW X3 is neither in its first nor in the second Generation, criticism had to be the mid-size SUV from Munich, however, often favor. Especially the materials in the interior have been repeatedly criticized, even if a hundred have made thousands of customers to the X3 to be one of the best-selling BMW models in the recent past. The developers have bothered to this criticism, one notices at the latest when Boarding the new BMW X3 M40i the Generation of G01, because apparently, they wanted all of the interior critics take the Wind out of the sails.

For our first drive report, we were allowed to take the wheel of the BMW X3 M40i, and simultaneously represents the first M Performance automobile on a X3 Basis. The scope is well-equipped test car virtually no wish unfulfilled and is oriented in terms of materials and workmanship evident in the current 5-series. Buttons and switches were unchanged from the stylish Limousine and have at least a class above the level of the predecessor, are in order.

Driving report BMW X3 M40i 2017: G01 with M Performance

Even more valuable than the materials, the attention to Detail that can be in many Places of the new BMW X3 G01 discover. Whether it is the only when doors are open, visible, in the body-in-embossed X3 Logos are on the B-pillar or the X-symbols in the area of the front and rear door hinges – many smaller eye-catcher, the fall only at second Glance into the eye, and show that the developers wanted more than just their homework.

High-quality special equipment of air-conditioned Seats on air fresheners and Ioinisator to the navigation system with touch screen, gesture control, and large-area Head-Up-Display and many networked features more reminiscent of the luxury and upper than to the middle class. This impression continues as you drive, thanks to standard acoustic front windscreen and optional with acoustic glazing fitted side Windows could also be the wind noise is significantly reduced. The BMW X3 G01 in its class with a drag coefficient of 0.29 with the best value, and this also contributes to audibly improved sound image.

As a true Hero of everyday life, the new BMW X3 G01 also presents itself when looking in the trunk. With 550 to 1,600 litres of storage space for all the Transport challenges is enough, the rear bench is standard at a ratio of 40:20:40 split and folded down. Optionally, the rear seat provides Cargo-position, velvet, vertical-standing, rear-seat backrests for up to 50 litres of additional Luggage space, without reducing the number of possible passengers.

However, in the case of the BMW X3 M40i G01, it is not only the usual virtues of a really good mid-size SUV, the M Performance automobile of the provisionally strongest X3 must offer some other qualities. He also wants to score points in these disciplines, he shows already when starting the engine: The in-line six-cylinder B58 wakes up when pressing the start button self-aware to life and proclaimed his willingness to work, in the digital speedometer Display, indicate M40i lettering on the sporty claim.

You will now go into Sport mode, the aggressiveness of the sound again, also the Indicators in the Display will change to a red-and-black Performance Show and focus on those Numbers, and vertices, which stand for dynamic driver in focus. Who wants, can drive the new BMW X3 M40i within 4.8 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h – but fast Sprints are no longer enough a long time in order to bring the eyes of the sporting motorist at the lights.

His true qualities of the M Performance X3 shows instead, on the winding country roads of the Portuguese hinterland. Although just under a width of 1.90 meters and an empty weight of nearly 1.9 tons of here are not ideal conditions, but the BMW impresses X3 M40i on the surface, just so much: For an SUV, tight and curvy roads are actually always a away, be the actual Terrain are wider roads with wide sweeping curves.

The X3 is impressive and shows why so many prototypes together with the Porsche Macan photographed. Although Schwabe is perhaps still a bit more agile, but there are two good reasons: For one, the BMW X3 M to add in a few months, a couple of Performance coal, to another, the positioning of the X3 M40i. Just like all the other M Performance Automobiles, the X3 is a vehicle that, while striving for the Performance and dynamics with no compromise in suitability for everyday use required.

Who is not afraid to Get into the back of the BMW X3 M40i to little comfort and a radical on Sport trimmed off-roader expected, is in any case completely wrong. The adaptive suspension offers a surprisingly wide spread between comfortable basic Setup and firmer sportiness, together with the direct vote of the sports steering and a sharper switching program is unpacked only in the dynamic driving modes. In the everyday life of the X3 M40i is like a very ordinary X3 G01, the reserves only souveränere power.

The possibility of full Recall of his potential in the late-summer Portugal but only rarely, because the maximum speeds are achieved both on country roads as well as on the highway in the wind. What kind of Performance is really in to him, the BMW X3 M40i, therefore, only rarely – and especially so to the heart that he brings alongside of us just explored the dynamics of a convincing performance in terms of comfort and suitability for everyday use.

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