DTM-the future: ARD, BMW is afraid of the arms race

The future of the DTM is more than ever in the stars. After 18 years in the ARD, it is currently unclear which is the TV channel of the DTM 2018 is transferred to the ARD, it is at least according to the information of Motorsport-Total.com not. In order for the series, and this is also a Problem, because the Transmission in the public television was a guarantee of good numbers of viewers in the TV, and accordingly important for the attractiveness of the series from the point of view of manufacturers and sponsors. Whether a new TV Partner is able to offer similar ranges, remains to be seen. Are interested, to all appearances, the Pro Sieben Sat 1 Media AG and Red Bull-house channel ServusTV.

Regardless of the question of the TV-Partners, commented BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt in a detailed Interview on the future of the series. He emphasises the search for other manufacturers, the willingness to new technology concepts, with Turbo engines, and the concern to equip before a match, if the Performance of the race car is not matched by a Balance of Performance. Marquardt also explains why the season went wrong from the point of view of BMW Motorsport optimally and where he sees room for improvement in the next year.

Mr. Marquardt, the DTM-season in 2017, the weekend to end. Which sports are your conclusions?
Jens Marquardt: “Since our DTM Comeback in 2012, we have won in every year at least one title. And before the two final races in Hockenheim machine there is still of chance that Marco Wittmann can get the driver’s title. As long as this is so, we will give it everything – and, as always, up to the last round of fighting.“

Why is it that this year the competition is in the front?
Marquardt: “In search of the causes, we can account for two major factors. Since some of the errors are: It must not happen to us, that we lose how in Zandvoort by a half a Liter of petrol for 25 points. If that does not happen, then it looks in the drivers ‘ standings again quite different. On the other hand we have seen in the past races, the true, and the Performance Weights, adjusted for the ratio of forces in the DTM in 2017. This has revealed a fundamental Problem of the DTM with its homologation cycle of two years: When it comes to imbalances and correcting non-grasping elements, such as the Performance-to-weight, then the can not be in the interests of the Fans.“

How can such a thing for the future prevent?
Marquardt: “there are ultimately three ways. First of all, the compensation would be Performance-Weights in question. But we have agreed in the spirit of sport is the way to do without it in the future. Another scenario is that the other two manufacturers to increase their use of resources, the deficit on the competitor balance. The result of such a Situation is to prepare a technical race, as we have it also in the formula 1 or in the LMP1 class saw. This is not for us, but in the DTM in question, not least because of this, we have agreed cycles in the long Homologation. The third approach involves the standardization of Parts in the visible and for the Fans, not the visible range, as well as the reduction in aerodynamics. This has many positive effects: Among other things, the Racing is improved, since the cars are aerodynamically less sensitive. And we are able to reduce the cost.“

What is your preferred way?
Marquardt: “We represent the third approach, as the clear BMW Position. He represents our Vision for the future of the DTM: the role of The series may not lie in the fact that it is used for manufacturer LMP1 replacement. An arms race must be avoided at all costs – and now held once a large part in the aerodynamics. The most important unique feature of the DTM must be to allow for a spectacular, close Race for all involved, the manufacturer, the driver, is in the foreground. The performance of the pilots at the end of the rash. Because the DTM has to cars for a racing extravaganza of the best tour riders in the world – and not for an expensive battle of the engineers. To do this, it is essential to reduce the aerodynamics finally significantly. It may not be possible, such as through the use of in other racing series freed up resources in the System to overturn it. Therefore, we have argued from the beginning for the so-called Berger-proposal and are pleased that we have the other follow.“

How can demonstrate a manufacturer under such conditions is still its core competencies?
Marquardt: “When we use as in the DTM engines with Turbo technology, the best pit stops complete, the best Set-up, and at the same time, reduce the complexity of the vehicles in one for the Fans is practically non-visible area, then everyone – and especially the viewers at the end wins. And that’s why we must go there but in the end: What the Fans want and what is not? We are of the Belief that the Fans of a fraction of a second, which are obtained in the aerodynamics area, cold. You want to see spectacular Motorsport, and in the best case, your favorite driver or favorite brand to win. For the Fans of the heroes sit now in the Cockpit, not on the Laptops.“

What the role of the DTM in the future within the BMW Group, also in comparison to other racing series?
Marquardt: “We are set up at BMW is excellent: With the DTM, we want to offer spectacular, strongly driver-oriented, sprint race at a high level, at which the best tour riders in the world’s car fairs with each other. The BMW M8 GTE, we provide the innovative strength of the company in the most demanding GT race series in the world. The formula E, we use as a technology lab for the development of future BMW iNEXT models and show innovation and integration expertise in the electro-mobility on the track. And with the Customer, we are very close to the series. The Portfolio is a range of unique. Each commitment has a their own individual objectives.“

So you believe in a future of the DTM?
Marquardt: “of Course, the announced Mercedes-exit the DTM in front of large challenges. If you look around in the paddock, then the whole Dimension of the DTM is one but be aware – with all the suppliers and partners, with the many Fans in the stands and in front of the television and their importance in the international Motorsport scene as a whole. In 2012, we entered the DTM, because we believe in this series. Who knows whether it would give the DTM without this entry today at all. We now have to fight for the preservation of the series – and that’s exactly what we do with high pressure. The coming months will, in any case, very exciting.“

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