Electric car-anniversary: 100,000 of the BMW i3 in the Leipzig plant built

The BMW i3 has reached its first anniversary. 100,000 copies of the electric cars have been built since the end of 2013 at the BMW plant in Leipzig, yesterday, the anniversary vehicle came off the line. The BMW i3 I01 is the Symbol of the fact that the BMW Group has become in recent years one of the most successful providers of electric and electrified vehicles. Of the nine electric cars and Plug-in hybrids only in the current year, 100,000 units sold, up to the year 2025, the electrified fleet of the BMW Group is to be expanded to 25 models.

The next year, the BMW i8 Roadster will, among other things, the MINI E 2019, a purely electrically powered BMW X3, the production version of the BMW i Vision Dynamics, the BMW iNext and a variety of Plug-in Hybrid to follow. The last year built 26.631 electric cars of the type BMW i3 will be in the next few years to a fairly small number, which will from now on be reached after significantly shorter periods of time.

Following her time as a vehicle, these cars are the parts supplier for BMW storage farms – the first plant of this kind was taken yesterday on the grounds of the BMW plant in Leipzig in operation and offers space for up to 700 BMW i3-batteries. For yesterday’s opening of 500 high-volt storage were installed, due to lack of used parts also new batteries will come of it. Later batteries to get a second use, which are suitable due to the inevitable decline in their efficiency for use in the car.

Harald Kr├╝ger (Chairman of the Board of management of BMW AG): “We are proud of the 100,000 th BMW i3 from our plant in Leipzig. The BMW i3 is the Original and technologically groundbreaking. With BMW i, the tip of the spear, we want to continue to be the leading Premium provider of electric mobility. We are now looking forward to the next member of the BMW i family, the i8 Roadster, with which we will further strengthen our leadership position in the area of electric mobility. In the year 2025, we will offer our customers a total of 25 models with an electrical powertrain. In the spirit of sustainability, we are presenting today, in addition, a concept for the reuse of the BMW i3 high-voltage save. Because our strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT, we think far beyond the automobile, and promote the transformation of our industry with entirely new approaches and business models.”

Stanislaw Tillich (Minister-President of Saxony): “Two days after my first election as Minister-President I was in Leipzig to celebrate at BMW, the topping-out ceremony for the new pressing plant. Since then, I have followed the development of personally and with the Board of management of BMW regularly in conversation. In 2013 began the production of electric cars. At the end of my term of office, 100,000 electric cars from the Leipzig plant to beech and BMW fails with the battery farm a new Chapter in its innovation-rich history.
I would like to thank the BMW Group for the decision to make Leipzig the leading production location for Premium electric cars to come from Germany. I wish the BMW Group thanks to their combined innovative strength and the Leipzig production of knowledge also continues to be one of the leaders of the automotive Revolution of the 21st century. Century. I am sure that BMW is contributing with its future growth in the areas of electric mobility and networked Driving continues to be good economic development of the Leipzig Region and the Car in Saxony.”

Hans-Peter Kemser (head of the BMW plant in Leipzig): “We are proud of our team performance, we can celebrate today a 100,000 – produced BMW i3 with the same premium quality and efficiency, such as in the case of our classic models. I would like to thank all our employees for this great achievement.”

Joachim Kolling (head of Energy Services at the BMW Group): “the capacity of The 700 High-voltage battery corresponds to an electric range of 100,000 km in the BMW i3. Due to the scalable approach, the Farm is in terms of the number of memory expandable. In addition, it is already compatible with the coming memory generations, and thus future-proof. Thus, we prove again that the concept of Sustainability is sufficient in the case of BMW i is far beyond the vehicle.”

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by : klonr.com