Erlkönig-Video: no, this is still not a BMW M2 CSL


From time to time, is cooked in the gossip kitchen so hot that the pots boiling over. So, it is probably also in the case of a prototype video from the Parking lot of the BMW M test center Nürburgring, which shows a prototype. Various viewers speculate that we will be here for the first time a prototype of the highly anticipated BMW M2 CSL to face, the reality is likely in our opinion but a little less spectacular: The Erlking is likely “only” to test the BMW M2 Competition to serve the next year on the market.

An extra sharp BMW M2 CSL with consistent Motorsport Setup, and significantly increased engine power is set as the Finale of the current M2 Generation is quite conceivable, at the Moment, developers of the M GmbH to focus fully on the originally than M2 CS thought the BMW M2 Competition. The latter replaced in the coming year, the current M2, corresponds to, from a technical point of view, but rather a large model of care as a Top model with the tantalizing initials CSL.

With the market launch of the BMW M2 Competition in the Compact sports car from Garching will know in the first place, a change of under-the-hood: The 370-horsepower N55 variant of the current model will be replaced by a power-reduced Version of the S55 engine from the M3 and M4. The Biturbo inline six-cylinder promises to be an even faster response to accelerator pedal commands, more agility, and not least, a little more power. We expect a power rating of around 400 HP, in order to maintain the necessary respect to the distance to the 431-horsepower big brothers.

Of course, the new powertrain, the BMW M2 with S55 can be connected to be ordered with a manual transmission, or DCT, even with an Update of the chassis technology. Together, the measures should ensure that the role of the BMW M2 will remain as a fun Benchmark in the compact class unchallenged. Although there are with views of lap times, and the tenth of a second or in a sporting Competition space for an M2 CSL, this is likely to be different but also visually stronger from the shown prototype.

In the short spy Video by Tomedelic1 prototype shown wearing only a new front bumper, a revised diffuser and the partially taped rear lights of the BMW 2 series Facelift in 2017. For a Performance-a special model such as the BMW M2 CSL may we, in contrast, a significantly greater aerodynamic changes including a big rear wing, expect a visual impression delivered already a long time ago, the M2 GTS Renderings, the elements of the M4 GTS with the M2 Design combined. It is now clear: The abbreviation for GTS is it coming special models for the foreseeable future, not give, instead, the M GmbH, the naming rights for M1 CSL to M8 CSL secured.

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