G-Power BMW X5 M Typhoon: Tuning SUV with 750 HP

The Bavarian noble-Tuner skin have missed a really big Turbo SUV: The G-Power X5 M Typhoon, the technicians now just 750 HP and a whopping 980 Nm of torque. Thus, the particularly extroverted Widebody Version of the BMW thick ship makes it to over 300 km/h.
Tuning Fans should have your wallet now firmly in control, because with the G-Power X5 M Typhoon the Tuner set properly, and have made the origin of BMW by an impressive 175 horsepower stronger.

The Turbo-SUV makes the journey through the workshops of the Bavarian Tuner namely, instead of 575 whopping 750 HP. Also when you torque the engine gurus have shaken a whopping 230 Newton meters more from the Sleeve, so that now 980 Newton meters of pulling on the crankshaft. This one has upgraded what was already a frail BMW X5 M to the true fighting machine.

Possible, powerful treatment was in addition to an adjustment of the engine software, mainly by a modification of the turbocharger. The standard built-in compressor wheel flew out and was replaced by a G-POWER developed, and by means of modern CNC-milling-crafted Pendant with a larger diameter. In order to increase the turbocharger efficiency and at the same time the moment of inertia of the wheel is reduced.

Also, the exhaust turbine has been revised. The exhaust gases are now directed through flow-optimised stainless steel Downpipes and a complete titanium exhaust system with Four-pipe Sport end Mufflers. Who has now got the desire, the need to bring in addition to the basic vehicle also the around 58.540 Euro for the complete rebuild.

There are, then, in addition to the engine modifications is also a coilover, the learning body kit including fender flares, side skirts and a new front apron with additional air vents. In addition, the tag also includes a Venturi bonnet made from Carbon as well as the in-house “HURRICANE RR”forged wheels in 23-inch Format, equipped with high-performance tires in 315/25ZR23. The wheels can be supplied with a high – sheen surface – the so-called DIAMONDCUT, or in a fully polished version. A personal signature can be engraved on the rim.

(Photos: G-Power)

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