Image comparison: BMW X2 F39 meets his technique-donor X1 F48

With the new BMW X2 fresh Wind comes in the class of the Compact-SUV with Premium. This should also get the BMW X1 F48 to feel, because of the global Bestseller from Munich gets with the X2, a competitor to the side that could cost him the one or the other customer. The calculation in the case of BMW is of course a different one: With the X2 people is to find the X1 to be conservative and practical, and a car with even more Lifestyle Flair of your choice.

This gap should close, the BMW X2 F39 in spite of largely the same technology. Both vehicles use the BMW UKL architecture, for vehicles with front wheel drive and have the same wheelbase of 2.67 meters, the chassis of the X2 to be matched in the series features a noticeable dynamic. Since the X1 is the same wheelbase almost 8 inches longer, the Overhangs of the X2 visibly shorter. He is also about 7 inches flatter and offers its rider a deeper seat position, which shears also to a more dynamic driving experience.

The athletic cut body that doesn’t go away completely without a trace in the space, is obvious. Discernible, this circumstance, for example, is the volume of the trunk is measured at 470 litres a little tighter than the X1, with space for 505 litres of Luggage. With views of the roof line is also clear, that the headroom in the rear of the BMW X2 will be somewhat close.

How different the Design of the two is a Compact SUV that is made in our image comparison. No matter from which perspective – the confusion between X1 and X2, are practically excluded. The reverse kidney, the more sloping roof line, the wide C-pillar with the BMW Logo and the flat-drawn rear lights a little more dynamic and agile the BMW X2 from every angle as its a few inches bigger brother.

With a price of at least 39.200 Euro is the BMW X2 to the market launch in March 2018, at first glance, significantly more expensive than the X1, but also at the first reasonable engine line-up. As soon as the already officially for the first half of 2018 announced entry-level models BMW X2 sDrive18i and X2 xDrive18d are available, together also shrinks the price-difference. It is based on the already priced into models, may be set at the same motorization on a 2,500 Euro higher base price.

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