Image comparison: New BMW X2 F39 hits competitor to the Audi Q2

Audi Q2 and BMW X2 are not in name only relatively near, they have some similarities. Both put on a brand new Design, the Compact SUV and should nevertheless convey more dynamism in this class, more common models. Our image shows a comparison of both vehicles from the similar perspectives and the start of the BMW X2 in March 2018 allowed before the market a first comparison.

At first glance, the biggest difference between the Audi Q2, BMW X2 falls in the outer length of the eye, because the 4,36 metres long, the Munich dominated the Ingolstadt-based company for 17 inches and plays with it in principle, in a different class of vehicle. In comparison, seven inches more wheelbase and 1.8-inches more of height to drop hardly any weight, but it emphasises the significantly more compact dimensions of Q2.

The consequences of the different dimensions of the show, the trunk volume of The Ingolstadt-based company offers as a front-wheel-drive 405 litres of storage space, with all-wheel drive quattro, the space shrinks to 355 litres. The BMW X2 offers, regardless of the drive concept 470 litres of Luggage space and, therefore, in any case, the better reserves for the larger transport tasks of everyday life.

Similar to the technical Layout of the two Bavaria presents: The engine is front mounted transverse to the direction of travel, the drive is primarily on the front axle, all-wheel drive for selected engines with the help of a Haldex-clutch. In the engine range of the Audi Q2 is currently offering more options for matching player for the 116-HP entry-level models are for the BMW X2 is currently neither available nor planned directly. On the other hand, one searches in Audi in vain for a rival for the BMW X2 xDrive25d with 231 BHP Biturbo Diesel.

Since there is currently only a single pairing, which is suitable for a direct comparison of the prices, we must rely at this point on BMW X2 xDrive20d and Audi Q2 2.0 TDI quattro. This shows again that both vehicles play in spite of some Similarity in different classes of vehicle: During the 190-HP diesel with a Hang-on-Rear-wheel-drive and 7-speed S tronic in Ingolstadt as of 34,500 euros is available to be called for the 17 cm longer BMW X2 xDrive20d with 190 HP, Hang-on-Rear-wheel-drive, 8-speed automatic, and 115 liters more storage space, at least 43.800 Euro.

To really compare these prices, however, cannot, because just like the dimensions, there are standard equipment differences. To the listed price, the Audi Q2 is, for example, on 16-inch steel wheels, while the BMW X2 is already equipped with standard 17-inch alloy wheels. The in every way more fitting Q2-Alternative in the program of the BMW Group is, therefore, the MINI Countryman, the Q2, however, also a significant 11 inches dominates.

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