McKinsey-the study of the disassembled electric cars: BMW i3 and co. need new business models

Just last week, BMW’s head of Kruger on a target profit margin of 10 percent in the coming electric cars spoken – published by the consulting company McKinsey and now a new study and explains why this is precisely the goal pretty high.

In the framework of the comprehensive study with the somewhat dry name, “Trends in electric-vehicle design”, 10 popular electric vehicles of the Nissan Leaf than the Tesla Model S and BMW i3 in its individual parts disassembled and thoroughly analyzed. The results illuminate the built-in drive and battery technology, the costs as well as the platform architecture of the various vehicles.

As electric convinced cars such as the BMW i3, designed from the outset as a pure E-Mobile, the analysts with the most useful space utilization (up to 10 percent more interior space than in the case of E-cars to conventional gas platforms) and the highest range at comparatively lower costs.

More important than the technical comparisons of the different vehicle concepts, the claim of the authors of the new sales concepts, however, because, according to the McKinsey analysts, the auto makers get in the EV sector, there is a real margin Problem. This begins in the selection of individual variants. Many electric vehicles already offer as a basic model of Performance-values of the Top models of comparable gas – that leaves less room for differentiation. 10 to 20 conventional Motor and drive options to shrink that in the case of E-cars to a maximum of four different choices.

Due to the high battery electric cars cost in the basic price expensive. In order to remain competitive, many manufacturers their EVs from the factory with numerous comfort and convenience options – the tools, which usually represent a large part of the profit margin. If the relevance of E-business is growing Mobile, need to set the groups on new ways of value creation to drive with alternative actuators similar to profitable.

Source: McKinsey

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