Side by side: the BMW 6 series GT G32 BMW 5 series GT F07 LCI


On our first ride in the new BMW 6 series GT G32 meant the chance for us: In a Parking lot at the Portuguese Atlantic coast, a BMW 5 series GT Facelift (F07 LCI), exactly like our test car painted in White and the M sport package. Although the vehicle was apparently a bit longer on his Parking lot and was covered of Sand, the chance to do a little photo comparison, we were not able to leave yet unused.

It should be noted that the Parking lot was anything other than just. According to the specification of a plant, about two inches shallower BMW 6 series GT seems from some perspectives to be higher than its predecessor, and the additional nine inches of length on a few images rather guess than recognize. In addition, it is striking that the differences due to the extensive Facelift for the 5-series GT to be significantly lower than in the case of a comparison of the Pre-Facelift models.

Especially the nine inches of elongated body contributes to the fact that the roof line of the BMW 6 series GT could still be elegant stretched. Despite the larger dimensions, the weight of the new Gran Turismo could be reduced depending on the engine, to up to 150 kilograms, moreover, the larger dimensions make for an even more space: Both in the rear and in the trunk a bit more space than in the very spacious BMW 5-series GT is now.

Both vehicles track in spite of the different names the same concept can be seen in our photo comparison. The idea of the Gran Turismo from the very beginning was to be a spacious yet comfortable sedan for several people and their Luggage. Sovereign engine choices, a comfortable vote of the gearbox and the chassis – in the case of the 6-series GT, on request, with 2-axle-air – suspension as the 7 series, as well as a versatile Luggage compartment simply to good sound.

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