Strategy: the New outline of the BMW sales regions

With a reorganization of the global strategy, the BMW Group wants to create figures, the conditions for a further increase in worldwide sales. The new Organisation of sales regions to better be on the special needs of some of the growth markets, discussed, and also the orientation on the special needs of customers in some of these regions should be further improved.

The two new sales regions include the markets of the Asian and Pacific region, with the exception of China, on the other, the markets between Asia, Europe and Africa in a new sales region will be bundled. Responsible for the Singapore-managed Asia-Pacific is set to 1. January, Hildegard Wortmann, who was previously Responsible for the brand BMW. The responsibility for the second Region, including Russia, the Middle East and the European importer markets, will take on Hendrik von Kuenheim.

As the successor of Hildegard Wortmann, the BMW Group was able to win the former Audi Manager Sven Schuwirth. To October 2016 implementing for the Digital Business of Audi AG was responsible, he previously led the brand strategy and the digitalisation of the competitors from Ingolstadt.

Dr. Ian Robertson (member of the Board of management of BMW AG, sales and Marketing): “Both sales regions include markets, from which we expect high growth potential. With the realignment and the direct leadership of the Asia-Pacific Region from the Central of Singapore, we will tap this potential, and even closer to our customers and dealers back. With Hildegard Wortmann and Hendrik von Kuenheim, two very experienced managers will continue to drive our growth and our focus on Customers in these regions strategically.
The BMW brand has begun its second century, is already very successful. I am pleased that we were able to win with Sven Schuwirth, a Manager with a lot of experience in the field of digitisation, will continue on this path successful.”

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