Wiesmann: BMW M V8-the Power to make a Comeback officially


The Comeback of Wiesmann is increasingly taking trains and now is also clear: BMW makes the engines for the sports cars from Dülmen! In a brief press release, the Wiesmann Sports Cars GmbH has confirmed an agreement on the delivery of engines with BMW AG. One of the biggest Concerns around the Wiesmann is expected to be a Comeback eliminated: where does the small car maker’s engines, which comply with all currently applicable requirements?

The answer is, apparently, Garching, than as a source of power for future Wiesmann sports car, no less than the current BMW M V8 S63 is planned – so at least in principle, the same powerplant, the new BMW M5 F90 with 600 BHP for powerful propulsion. Although it is assumed that in the Wiesmann, it’s a different configuration of the twin-turbo V8 is used, but the lack of power the equally purist, such as a light athlete with the Gecko, should not suffer under these circumstances for sure.

For more Details about the planned sports car the Wiesmann Comeback, there is not currently, but a combination of sports terms for BMW M-tuned eight-speed automatic from ZF is virtually certain. Exactly when the new vehicle comes on the market, does not want to Wiesmann betrayed. After all, so much is sure: It is a completely newly developed sports car to move in any way to the amount of time.

The characteristic Design concept of the new sports car is likely to hold but in spite of completely new technology, finally, the forms of the Roadster and coupe are unforgettable until today and not a bit aged. How well the two-seater from Dülmen looked so far, our photo gallery shows at the end of the article.

Mario Spitzner (CEO of Wiesmann Sports Cars GmbH): “the signing of The contract with our partner BMW is a milestone for Wiesmann Sports Cars. The cooperation in the completion of the pre-development phase was excellent and we look forward to the BMW Group as a reliable Partner to win.
The cooperation with the BMW AG is the Basis for the successful development and positioning of Wiesmann Sports Cars.”

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