40 years of BMW Motorsport Junior Team: Meeting in Maisach

That the young are the future, you know at BMW Motorsport for the past 40 years: Already in 1977, was started under the direction of Jochen Neerpasch, with the development of a professional promotion of young scientists. Four decades later, the facts speak a clear language, because the long-term commitment has paid dividends and the beginning of many great racers was careers. The four-time formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel as well as of the graduates of the BMW promotion of young talent, as the current factory drivers Timo Glock and Martin Tomczyk.

On the occasion of the 40. Birthday the leaders of then and now met with some of the most prominent graduates of the BMW Motorsport school in the driving safety centre in Maisach near F├╝rstenfeldbruck. On-the-spot, among other things, the former managing Director Jochen Neerpasch and former Junior Eddie Cheever and Marc Surer. This Trio was the core of the “Wilder Reiter GmbH”, and the long and justified history of BMW’s promotion of Junior scientists. In Maisach, the opportunity was taken to give today’s Junior pilots are a part of their experience and to give you an idea of the means by which, at the time, the points and positions have been fought.

Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport Director: “40 years of BMW Motorsport Junior promotion – this anniversary is for all of us at BMW Motorsport is something very Special. Jochen Neerpasch has placed his idea at the time, the groundwork for something that is proven to today, and ever since then, consistently. If you look around in the international Motorsport, you will encounter numerous drivers who had at the beginning of their career with the BMW Motorsport Junior promotion contact. This shows that in 1977, path has been successful, and continue to be right and important. The basics, which are incorporated 40 years ago in the founding of the BMW Junior team, apply today-for the training of our young drivers. We prepare our young talents technically, physically and mentally for the challenges in the racing and pursue the aim of you can in the wide range of our racing programme in our vehicles. This promotion pays for itself – just as much today as 40 years ago.“

Jochen Neerpasch, the first managing Director of BMW Motorsport GmbH, and founder of the BMW Junior team: “I was very pleased, both Eddie Cheever and Marc Surer again as well as the current juniors. I was impressed by how Mature they are as personalities in their young age and how professional they are prepared for their careers. To this end, BMW Motorsport deserves a big compliment. At the time I founded the Junior Team, because even the formula 1 drivers were not physically well prepared for the challenges in a race car. It is nice to see what has developed an excellent program for Young talents from this idea.“

Eddie Cheever, BMW Motorsport Junior in 1977: “I find it fantastic that BMW Motorsport is the training of young drivers the way we 1977 for the first time have taken. The new Generation that we were now getting to know, impressed me very much. She has to prepare in comparison to us other means to focus on their careers, but I feel the same passion as us 40 years ago. As we at the time, the current juniors are very proud to be part of the BMW family.“

Marc Surer, BMW Motorsport Junior in 1977: “Through my performances for the BMW Group Classic I Neerpasch still in regular contact with Jochen and am reminded of the time. Eddie Cheever I have seen but for the first Time in many years. I am very pleased. Just as interesting was, in the context of this event today’s Junior Year. They are all now very much more Mature than we were back then. You’re very lucky to be from a company like BMW to be promoted. Because nothing is for a boy racer, more important than in a professional environment and highly developed racing cars continue to develop.“

Sebastian Vettel, four-time formula 1 world champion: “congratulations to BMW for the anniversary! I had to be promoted in my time as a young driver, the happiness, BMW and Red Bull. Without this support, I would have made the leap into formula 1 maybe never. I am very grateful for the time and back I like to remember. My first formula 1 race for the BMW Sauber F1 Team I will never forget. When I look at my competitors in the formula 1, then some of them started as I was in formula BMW.“

Timo Glock, BMW DTM driver: “I had the good fortune to be able to from the BMW Motorsport Junior promotion benefit. BMW also has a large share of it, as my career in Motorsport. It is incredible to see how many great names has brought the program over the decades. Thank you to BMW Motorsport for the great commitment in the BMW Motorsport talent promotion. I hope you, there is still another 40 years.“

Timo Scheider, the BMW works driver: “First of all, of course, congratulations to BMW for 40. Anniversary of the promotion of young scientists. Without such support, it is for the young people is very difficult to gain a foothold in Motorsport, foot, for many reasons, also financial. I, too, have benefited in 1998 as a BMW Junior of the extensive support. A part of the training programme was that we were allowed to help in the engine Department in Munich, the racing engines, to assemble and to make experiences. Today I remember very well that I have built engines, which then Jockel Winkelhock, Le Mans is started. I am very glad that I was able to collect thanks to BMW so early such experiences, and I benefit today.“

Martin Tomczyk, BMW works driver: “How important BMW is the promotion of young talents has always been, I know for myself, when I started at the age of 16 years in the BMW formula ADAC Junior Cup. In that time, I have laid the Foundation for my career. Now, I support the new Generation of the BMW juniors, very happy with my experience, whenever the opportunity to do so.“

Philipp Eng, BMW works driver: “I have memories of my time in the young talent of BMW Motorsport, only good. In 2006, I was part of the program and had the Chance to show what I can do. In 2007, I won the formula BMW world final, and as the price of a Test in a formula 1 vehicle from the BMW Sauber F1 Team. Of course, that was a very big Highlight in my career. I congratulate BMW for its promotion of young talent, and thank you.“

Jesse Krohn, BMW Motorsport Junior of the Year 2014: “It was great to meet the people who are gone 40 years ago, the same way that we should go today. Hopefully I am even in 40 years, at a similar Event and may, reports of a new Generation of young talents of my career. I had given up my dream of a Motorsport, as the BMW Motorsport 2014 has the Chance to be part of the newly-focused Junior programme. Since then, I am living my dream.“

Beitske Visser, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017: “This day is the great completion of my first year in the BMW Motorsport Junior programme. It was fun, the former juniors to get to know and to learn, how they Rennsprt operated. Personally, I’m with my current season satisfied. I have done my registration for the N├╝rburgring-Nordschleife and my first race in the BMW M4 GT4 won. That was awesome.“

Ricky Collard, the BMW Motorsport Junior 2017: “thank you to BMW Motorsport for letting me be a part of this programme, and this anniversary event. It was great to meet both the legends of yesteryear as well as current juniors and to talk with them. I think we share the same passion for Motorsport. See also the BMW 320 group 5 from the vicinity, was sensational. I love historical vehicles.“

Mikkel Jensen, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017: “I found it exciting to learn that day, what development has the BMW Motorsport Junior promotion in the past 40 years. The Motorsport has changed considerably, and the program has adapted to it. For me it was a big step to have it in the support programme of the BMW managed. Now it is up to me to show what I can do.“

Dennis Marshal, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017: “The day was awesome. To listen Eddie Cheever, and Marc Surer the stories about your race in the BMW 320 group 5, I had a lot of fun. I also had the feeling that they were very interested in how we prepare ourselves today to our race. Overall, I’m incredibly grateful to be part of the BMW Motorsport Junior programme.“

Nico Menzel, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017: “I know my father already, the fascination of racing in previous years. Now with the first Generation of the BMW Junior exchange and with big names such as Jochen Neerpasch, Eddie Cheever, and Marc Surer chat, was very cool. I had the good fortune to be able to in the course of my season as a BMW Motorsport Junior is already twice the historic BMW M3 from the 1980s to. Racing cars from that era just fascinate me.“

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