Berlin: Private BMW 3 series E36 as a false police car


Also, Tuning has its limits. Who rebuilds his BMW 3-series E36 to the private police car and believes to earn with blue lights, special rights, at least quickly in conflict with the real law enforcement officers. At the end of last week, the police found in Berlin-Neukölln, disguised as a police car, but totally private used BMW 3 series for sure.

The exceptional catch for the officials in the neukölln Hermannstraße last Sunday. The police stopped the striking converted BMW 3-series E36 and quickly realized that the unusual, many of the components with your own police car. As the patrol officers they were looking at something in more detail and discovered that in addition to some other technical defects, a not for the public traffic certified, blue light with Horn, thought it was installed under the hood.

The holder of the vehicle, juicy Ads for various offenses, to be expected now anyway. Be converted the vehicle he is wrong even once, because the official car brand Eigenbau has been brought to the position site of the police, and now it is there. What brings so please be nice someone vehicle such upgrade and to then, of all things, even in the daytime in a big city around? We believe it’s all about Tuning and the joy on the tag has absolutely nothing to do more!

+++ We have a few questions +++ On Sunday, our colleagues of the service fell a #BMW div….

Posted by police in Berlin on Monday, 13. November 2017

Images: Police Of Berlin

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