BMW 6 series GT: New photos of Gran Turismo in sophisto grey


A few days after the market launch in Europe of the BMW 6 series GT G32 has arrived in South Africa. From the southern tip of Africa, many new photos, which show the Gran Turismo in classy sophisto grey brilliant effect Metallic. As with most presentations, in Europe the only representative of the new 6 series Generation is wearing in these photos the M sports package emphasises the dynamic proportions of the car.

The generous rims in 20 inch Format in the optional Design of double-spoke 648 M Bicolor, the costs within the M package, a surcharge in the amount of 1,100 euros. The large wheels fill the wheel arches with their five double-spokes and the page values for the view noticeably. Further special equipment, such as the from the B-pillar darkened glass helps to customize the appearance.

On the photos from South Africa, we see both the Diesel 630d, as well as the petrol 640i, both models are powered by a 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder from the current modular family and are equipped with eight-speed automatic. Since in South Africa on the left, are shown the vehicles as right hand drive.

At least in Europe, the 265 HP strong BMW 630d GT is expected to enjoy the largest popularity. Be B57-Diesel-superior driving performance combined with contemporary consumption, a specification of 6.1 seconds for the Sprint to 100 and has a standard consumption of 4.9 to 5.3 liters on 100 kilometers. Who wants even more traction, for the first time, 630d xDrive GT with all-wheel drive – to the somewhat heavier variant is still a tenth of a second faster at highway speed, but has a thirst for something more.

Who previously had to search in vain for photos of a 6 series G32 in sophisto grey brilliant effect, in the following photo gallery finally found it. The new BMW 6-series Gran Turismo on the road suggests, we have in our driving report: BMW 640i GT 2017 described in detail.

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