BMW 740e iPerformance on the SEMA Hybrid with M Performance Parts

The BMW sub-brands i and M usually have to do relatively little with each other. No M-sport cars the current model range has in addition to the classic internal combustion engine and a electrification and no i-model rolls in the sharp M-trim to the dealers – the new BMW i3s deliberately a name suffix of the M-GmbH.

On the Tuning-Messe SEMA in Las Vegas, BMW is not doing with a particular piece in the exhibition’s attention to the fact that the letters i and M are only in the Alphabet, basically quite close to each other. So the people of Munich will present a modified BMW 740e iPerformance, which is equipped in addition to the from the factory for the Plug-in Hybrid available M sport package with a whole series of dynamic M Performance Parts from the accessories program.

Equal to the Front to invoke the operations for the double-covered kidney to the eye. Instead of the typical accents in i-Blue trim, and farming are parts of the M Performance-i in shimmering Black is a good contrast to the white Metallic paint luxury sedan. Threshold up rates of exposed Carbon fibre and massive 21-inch wheels complete the dynamic appearance of the BMW 740e iPerformance. In the interior, the Individual seat covers made of Merino wool to draw, meanwhile, is leather in a conspicuous Fiona Red the looks.

Those who dismiss the M Performance treatment simply because of the four-cylinder turbo under the long hood as unnecessary, should call once the driving performance of the innovative Plug-in hybrid in memory of: in combination with an efficient electric motor of the Eco-7 a system power output of 326 HP to the road and accelerates in just 5.4 seconds on a country road pace. At the same time, the standard is, however, fuel consumption in the EU Mix only 2.1 liters of Super and the driver has the possibility, by pressing a button, up to 45 kilometers purely on electric power.

Apart from lettering and fine Details, the iPerformance models of BMW not aware of on an all-too-clear distinction from the other engine variants. Equipped with the optional M Performance Parts, no one suspected a locally emission-free Hybrid model of the luxury sedan – up to the charging Logo and flap on the front fender and the eDrive on the C-pillar of this BMW is 740e iPerformance quasi incognito.

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