BMW, Daimler, VW and Ford are working during the charging network Ionity for E-cars

For a functioning and accepted by a customer of electric mobility, it does not only need good E-cars, but also a comprehensive existing and to the same Standards-working charging network. Such a want to create, BMW, Daimler, VW and Ford now with your fast-charging-Joint-Venture Ionity, in order to help the electric car even more acceptance. The first fast-charging stations will be in this year.

Last year, it was announced, and now BMW, Daimler, Ford and the Volkswagen group with Audi and Porsche, nails with heads. The automobile companies are now working together at the load network Ionity for E-cars. The car manufacturers want to provide “the groundwork for the construction of the power network load most Quickly for electric vehicles in Europe” and by 2020, more than 400 fast-charging stations to build and operate.

The charging stations for electric cars and hybrid vehicles are to be in the whole of Europe and a network for charging stations. The 400 stations, according to information provided by the participating manufacturers, an important step in the world of electric mobility on the long-haul and to be able to establish. The Munich-based Joint Venture to be set up, the first 20 stations in the year 2017 and connect to the grid. To the car in Germany, Austria and Norway, the first twenty stations, each with several load to tracks points, then, be to find.

The joint venture has already begun its work and is directed by Michael Hajesch of BMW as CEO and Marcus Groll of Porsche as the COO. Hajesch said to the new Foundation: “[…] The establishment of IONITY is an important milestone that shows that the car manufacturers join forces. […]“ Already in the beginning of 2018 it wants to have a staff of around 50 professionals, which will be further increased steadily.

All of the charging stations will be publicly accessible and with a distance of about 120 km to each other. In the construction of a High-Power Charging (HPC) network you want to benefit from the cooperation with strong partners, such as Tank & Rast, Circle K, as well as OMV and the attractive locations of the partners. For 2018, approximately 100 stations in the planning stage, the “brands – and are already independently have access to Thousands of HPC-charging points”.

As a technical Standard you want to use the European charging standard Combined Charging System (CCS). Per loading point, a load capacity of up to 350 kW are to be delivered, which should make the Loading in comparison to today’s available systems. Ionity is to be a group of also not closed, because even still you want to be called other car manufacturers who want to participate actively in the Development of the HPC network, welcome.

Images: © BMW Group

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