BMW i and iPerformance: the 100,000 mark until 2018?

For the year 2017, the BMW Group had issued an ambitious goal that seems, after ten months, however, hardly reachable. Over 100,000 cars with electric or electrified drive system will want to sell the Munich-based world, but strong Numbers in November and December are required. Although the sales of electric cars and Plug figures-in Hybrids, compared to the prior-year period to 63.7 percent increase, with 78.096 vehicles, the task for the two remaining months of the year, however, remains challenging.

Is excluded, the achievement of a great goal but not because the people of Munich have a trump card in the back of your hand: the availability of The new BMW 5 series is not driven in China, still completely high, just there, the Plug could be asked-in Hybrid BMW 530e, but particularly and for a strong end to the year. In October, the Munich-based world 9.405 electric cars and Plug-sold-in Hybrids, and now the two strong months, each with approximately 11,000 units are needed.

Obvious that the demand for cars with electrified drive fails regional differences: In Scandinavia, the proportion of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids to the total sales of the BMW brand in more than 30 percent, in other markets, the subject plays hardly any role and the customer access mainly to models with conventional petrol – or diesel drive. In the United States, France, great Britain and the Netherlands, electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids account for around 8 percent of BMW sales.

Regardless of the Reach of the 100,000-units mark, the responsible for electrified vehicles of the BMW Group may build on a successful year 2017 forward: Both in Germany and in Europe, the company is the undisputed market leader in combined sales of electric cars and Plug-in hybrids, an independent study from IHS / POLK, the BMW Group also sees the world at the top. And already now it is clear: With the Expansion of the offer in the coming years, the sales figures continue to rise, 2018 at the latest, the BMW Group will be the mark of 100,000 electrified vehicles is expected to crack

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