BMW i3: stop of sales and a large recall in the United States

The BMW i3 is the largest recall of its young history. In the USA, all must ever vehicles delivered back to the workshop, in addition, new units will not be delivered currently. The cause: The electric car has cut off in a crash test. What sounds like a huge Problem, turns out on closer Inspection, especially as the reason for the shake of the head, at least from a German perspective.

The Background is at least curious: In the U.S. state of New Hampshire are allowed to drive belt adults without security, which is why there are also special crash tests to be carried out. Here, higher limits apply, but it’s there. And as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA notes that exceeds the load on the neck, the permissible limits – when at the wheel of the BMW i3, a unangeschnallter adult sitting with a body size of just over 1.50 meters and a weight of around 50 kilograms.

In spite of the rather amusing-seeming background of the recall of the BMW i3 in the US is no small thing. Over 30,000 copies of the electric car with a Carbon passenger cell must in the workshop and will receive a Software Update. Apparently, the technicians have found a solution, which provides a different ignition configuration of the Airbags for compliance with the required limit values. The same Update to all deliveries of the BMW i3 delivered, received, before the customers are allowed to take your electric car in the reception.

For all drivers, where your health is actually at the heart, but regardless of vehicle, body size and weight: Only in combination with the security the complex security systems of modern cars can develop belt full effect. Who doesn’t wear his seatbelt, not risked in the event of an accident considerably more severe injuries and also violates the law – if he is in New Hampshire.

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