BMW i8 Facelift in 2018: 374 HP and 55 km of electric-range

Three and a half years after the market launch, the BMW i8 Facelift in 2018 in the coming spring. In the course of the model care the number of available body styles will be doubled, because on the side of the four-seater coupe is consistently as a two-seater-designed BMW i8 Roadster enters with retractable fabric roof. Coinciding with the market launch of the Roadster is also the permanent closed 2+2-seater is a technology receives an Update, a Facelift in the traditional sense may be given the virtually unchanged design.

The Changes to the exterior are limited in the case of the BMW i8 Facelift in 2018, a Roadster or a coupe-lettering on the C-pillar, as well as the range of new exterior colours: E-Copper and Donington Grey metallic. In addition, two new double-spoke wheels in 20 inch Format to complement the Radportfolio, wherein the new rims per wheel be a kilogram lighter than the lightest Option.

BMW i8 Facelift in 2018: 374 HP & 55 km E-range

Also in the interior of the BMW i8 Facelift, there is not a Revolution, instead of the Plug-in Hybrid the expected Infotainment Update. The latest iDrive Software in the tile Design can now also be used via Touchscreen, and also the latest services and features from BMW ConnectedDrive+ and ConnectedDrive in the flagship of BMW i.

In the truest sense of the word significantly more exciting are the Updates for the powertrain of The BMW i8 Facelift receives a new Lithium-ion battery with significantly improved figures, although in the Central tunnel of Carbon fibre passenger cell, naturally, is not more space available, thanks to new technologies, the battery capacity could be increased by more than 50 per cent from 7.1 to 11.6 kWh. The 34Ah-cells in comparison with the previously used 20Ah cells for around 50 percent more range and allow it to the coupe, with full batteries up to 55 km in all-electric.

The larger room is used by the engineers for a Software adjustment, which allows the BMW i8 2018 more frequently in electric mode. This is in normal operation, up to 105 km/h, in the explicit reference to the avoidance of local emissions eDrive-mode up to 120 km/h without the use of the internal combustion engine is possible. Also, the electric motor on the front axle benefits from a new battery and is now operated with a peak power of 105 kW / 143 HP.

Discreetly to continue, the already multiple award-winning turbocharged three-cylinder engine in the rear has been developed, it is an indication of 231 HP, but a performance. The 1.5-litre B38 is equipped with a gasoline particulate filter to be clean. In addition, the engineers have worked on the sound image of the three-cylinder, to fit acoustically better to the sporty claims of the BMW i8 Facelift.

The small increase in the system output of 362 to 374 HP, however, has no impact on the driving performance, it remains a factory of 4.4 seconds to 100 km/h for the coupe. For the first time offered to the Roadster two-tenths of a second is due to its higher weight, slower, requires a bit more fuel and therefore emits four grams more CO2 per kilometre.

With a view to, ultimately, manageable Changes, it is also clear that the developers have still left some air: BMW i8s with noticeably more power and a sportier tuned suspension is actually only a matter of time.

BMW i8 Facelift to 2018 – Technical data at a Glance:

i8 coupe: 374 HP | 1.535 kg (DIN) | 4.4 s 0-100 | 1.9 l/100km | 42 g CO2/km
Roadster: 374 HP | 1.595 kg (DIN) | 4.6 s 0-100 | 2.1 l/100km | 46 g CO2/km

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