BMW i8 Roadster: All the images and info to the open Plug-in Hybrid

More than five years have passed since the first announcement, and now the production version of the BMW i8 Roadster celebrates its premiere at the L. A. Auto Show 2017 will finally have its official world premiere. The open version of the Plug-in-Hybrid-athlete’s dispensed with almost completely Surprises and highlights, instead, how close to the series and seriously, most of the announcements from BMW meant. At first glance, the new BMW i8 Roadster is what you could expect: an i8 without a roof.

That of the Roadster for the convertible season 2018 has also been some technology Updates, is about three years after the market launch of the coupe. The particular focus of the magnification of the electric range, because on some markets, the promotion of Plug-in hybrids with the distance that can be covered purely electrically, and thus free of local emissions. As in the Central tunnel between the driver and the passenger, no additional space was needed to wide an improvement in the battery technology for the rich-Plus. The result of the efforts of up to 53 kilometers are silent under the open sky, the coupe, under the optimum conditions of 55 kilometers.

BMW i8 Roadster 2018: 374 HP to the LA Auto Show 2017

Also, the electric motor was adjusted at the front axle, will now be specified with a peak power of 105 kW / 143 HP and a maximum torque of 250 Newton meters. Due to the higher performance specification for the E-machine, also the performance of the system increases to 374 HP, the hoped-for closer to the 400 HP mark, however, remains, apparently, a dream. In spite of an identical power rating of 231 HP, the rear-placed Turbo three-cylinder B38 has been revised once again, has received a gasoline particulate filter, and is therefore cleaner.

Because of the BMW i8 Roadster with a DIN-fails empty weight of 1.595 kg slightly heavier than the coupe, it has increased the specification of a plant for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h by 0.2 to 4.6 seconds – which can afford the most customers, but probably the latest effortlessly, if the soft top was previously stowed behind the occupants. This process takes 15 seconds and can take place at up to 50 km/h during travel. Regardless of the soft top, the retractable rear window can be operated, this may be used to open a fabric roof as a wind deflector.

The exterior of the BMW i8 Roadster takes on some of the Details that are more reminiscent of a Concept Car and brings them in series. This Roadster lettering on the C-pillar and at the rear, but, of course, with the roof open even more spectacular acting wing doors with frameless window panes. The color Palette is complemented with the variants E-Copper and Donington Grey, resulting in a further deferral of the previous i8.

Because the roof mechanism leaves the trunk in the rear of the sports car at a fairly manageable 88 liters shrink, there is an optional package for the BMW i8 Roadster. Directly behind the two Seats is a storage space with a volume of 92 liters, the weekend trips to appear to be second at least somewhat more realistic.

The interior gets new colors and interior trims, especially an Infotainment Update, because, the 8.8-inch Display is now also implemented as a touch screen. Is used, of course, the latest iDrive Software with Live tiles on the main menu, and the most recent volumes of BMW Connected+ and ConnectedDrive. The navigation system Professional is also included as standard, such as the BMW Display Key, other Features like Head-Up-Display, or the Laser spot to remain even after the Facelift, an optional special equipment.

Its market launch, the new BMW i8 Roadster in the spring of 2018 celebrates, for the price not to have spoken to the people of Munich. Beyond dispute, however: the exclusivity of the open Plug-in-Hybrid-athlete must engage the customer further in the bag than in the case of the coupe, for much less than € 140,000 on the two-seater is likely to be so.

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