BMW M135i 2019: UKL-prototype with xDrive on the Nordschleife

If the new BMW 1 series in 2019, comes on the market, is likely to be a message from Munich’s perspective, it is particularly important to: Yes, the new Compact can be fun, even with front wheel drive. One of the main ambassadors for this message to be the BMW M135i 2019, because of the Compact sports car is fun, the driving dynamics and driving-the flagship of the internally F40-mentioned series. A new Video by Automotive Mike shows a still heavily camouflaged prototype during testing on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, just like all the other BMWs with sport, the new M135i gets cut here, its fine.

The always-to-read Name M140i is in our view less likely, instead of the Compact sports car as a BMW M135i in 2019 is expected to go to the Start. The Background is relatively simple: The number 40 is in the BMW nomenclature currently used for in-line six-cylinder, the abbreviation 35i will highlight, in brief, are the strongest four-cylinder. The beginning of the 2018 BMW X2 M35i power, later other UKL follow models such as the X1 M35i and the new BMW M135i xDrive 2019.

Be powered all the upcoming M35i-models of a new stage of expansion of the turbocharged four-cylinder B48. With well over 300 HP, the engine is the strongest series-production four-cylinder in Munich. That it is combined in all of the UKL models as standard with the xDrive all-wheel drive, is due to the high torque and the desired traction on the Hand. The UKL-xDrive is realized with the help of a Haldex clutch, and, depending on the driving mode as a permanent all-wheel drive, quiet ride on dry road are driven with a view to efficiency, but only the front wheels.

The Erlkönig-Video also to be seen in the possibility of controlled Drifts on a wet surface, you will need to onboard the new BMW M135i 2019 usually do without, at least in the classic power-Oversteer is no longer exactly as in the compact, athlete-competition, lack of rear-wheel-drive will be possible. What is BMW M Performance, despite the changeover to the UKL architecture to the wheels, and whether the M135i will be a worthy opponent for the Hothatch-Elite around the Audi S3, Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type R and Mercedes-AMG A 45, we learn in this decade.

The more interesting question from the point of view of many of the current M135i and M140i driver, however, remains: Can it succeed on the UKL-based, to make a worthy successor for the current models, with balanced weight distribution and in-line six-cylinder to the wheels? For a definitive answer to this question, it is certainly too early, but a slight task for the developers in this regard are not quite sure.

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