BMW M2 coupe with Body Kit by 3D Design: Carbon-dream in Long Beach Blue

The BMW M2 coupe (F87) is not a child of sadness, and looks really sharp, but a few add-on parts made of Carbon always. The thought now, the folks from BMW Abu Dhabi Motors and have missed the 2 series sports coupe, Body Kit by 3D Design. The result: A Carbon dream in Long Beach Blue.

At the front, a Carbon front splitter caresses intakes the air. Behind the original three-liter six-cylinder, the BMW M2 due to its torque and 370 HP to be a serious opponent for the sports-works untouched-Coupés with higher classes of vehicle. From zero to a hundred in the recently facelifted M2 accelerates in just 4.3 seconds.

The aerodynamic components at the Front, the sports coupe is not only deeper, but also the one or other Kilo is sure to bring more pressure on the front axle and improve traction. As a small addition, it gives on the flanks of the Front splitter also side-to-side Aero-Flicks.

The M2 Coupé from the Middle East, the new Carbon side skirts to fall to the side. Since this Tuning is the case, only to have the Body Kit, you have left in the rims and the dashing 19” M light alloy wheels double-spoke 437 M series-M2 top left.

Really striking it is then at the rear: There is the fixed Carbon-fibre rear spoiler velvet side Flaps in the Wind. The conclusion at the rear of the vehicle at the end of the wide in the flanks in-drawn, Carbon-rear diffuser-use as well as a sports exhaust system.

Also in the interior small and large areas with the precious you can always find Material. So a large piece of black lightweight emblazoned on the top of the center console is a miracle substance, and also the multi-function dial is framed. The icing on the cake in the color of the car held contrasting stitching, which is part of the fine leather of the seats.

Images: © BMW Abu Dhabi Motors

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