BMW M2 Facelift 2017: Tacho-Video shows black panel Display

If lately, from the BMW M2 Facelift, many people think immediately of the upcoming BMW M2 Competition in 2018. It is easily overlooked that the M2 has just like all the other BMW 2 series coupes and convertibles in the summer of 2017 will receive a model of care, which primarily relates to the lighting technology and the interior velvet Infotainment System and speedometer. After we already, months ago in detail about the BMW M240i Facelift with black panel Display and reported, there is now also a speedo Video from the BMW M2 F87 LCI with the new instruments. drove the still-370 HP strong compact athlete, and it shows in the Video, how rapidly it the acceleration from 0 to 250, and finally up to 269 km/h to succeed. Who has not seen the new instruments-the Display of 1 – series and 2-series so far, in action, in this context, there is also a new impression of the interesting design.

It is important, above all, that the solution for the 1 series and 2 series other than, in the case of the multifunctional instrument display for the larger model series, not a full-scale black panel Display is the largest part of the display is exactly as it was before the Facelift is purely analog, even if the shiny black Background a different impression.

In the year 2018, the BMW M2 will be the first major technology Update, and now the BMW M2 Competition with the dealers. The large model of care gives the Compact sports car, among other things, the M3 and M4 known S55 engine that will come in around 400 HP detuned variant. Sure is now: With the Biturbo engine will not only improve the response of the M2 more, even in the next speedo-Videos-this is a 2-Interpretation even better in the future.

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