BMW M3 CS: New Video for the most powerful M3 of all time

The BMW M3 is for more than three decades for automotive passion and the pursuit of maximum Performance, without losing the everyday practicality from the point of view. What was once a nearly 200-HP four-cylinder began experiencing in March 2018 in the Form of the BMW M3 CS its peak – at least in terms of engine power and driving performance.

The 460-HP special model is not only the hitherto most powerful production M3 ever made, it is with a factory specification of 3.9 seconds for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is also faster than all previous models. Like a lot of sports in the genes of the new BMW M3 CS is, now shows a new Video of the M GmbH. The sharp sedan will go on made side-by-side with other athletes, to bring yourself to your personal Limit, always a step further, so that the previously valid limits move.

With the BMW M3 CS, the M GmbH is the legitimate successor of the M3 CRT on the road. He will merge the full everyday practicality of a 3 series sedan with the Performance of the M4 in CS. There are numerous components from the M4-special model, the interior remains decidedly furnished to a high standard and refrains from striking diet-the Saving of the last hundred grams of fighting weight.

The 460 HP gained strength Biturbo in-line six-cylinder in comparison to the M3 with Competition package, a rather small change, significantly more important is the re-tuned suspension and additional downforce-generating aerodynamic elements at the Front and rear. An important contribution to increased driving fun is also the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, which offer up to operating temperature is an impressive Level of Grip.

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