BMW M3 G80: First info and speculation to the M3 in 2020

Up to the market launch of the new BMW M3 G80 plenty of time, first speculation and rumours on the F80-a successor for 2020, but nevertheless the round. Not longer absence will also Georg Kacher, the state of his knowledge in an article for the British Car Magazine combined. Sure, especially of a seems: a Lot of things will change, so that things can stay the way it is – The BMW M3 will remain in its fourth decade, the ultimate driving machine among mid-size sedans.

The basis for the new BMW M3 G80 is the 3P G20, the secret Tarn-Garage in the Munich FIZ currently only with heavy camouflage leaves. The first prototypes of the next M3 will still be a few months to wait, should be observed particularly carefully. Because, despite the heavy camouflage, there will be a lot to discover: How stable is the new M3 when it is accelerating out of bends, especially on slippery surfaces? What is the sound of its engine under load? And what is to be heard, if he is advancing without a load on a red light?

The answers to these questions are directly related with the technology of the new BMW M3 G80, with a view to the developments in the Rest of the model range of some of the Changes are for the M3 conceivable. With great anticipation, many Fans are likely to pay attention to the driving behavior of the prototypes in the wet, because here a clear indication on the drive display concept: the BMW M3 in 2020, with the classic rear-wheel drive, or it changes how the M5 to the M xDrive, so a Performance-oriented all-wheel drive with the Option for the sole Driving the rear wheels?

According to Georg Kacher M xDrive is available as a cost Option conceivable, whereby the needs of all customers could be satisfied: those Who want the traction of four driven wheels and an extremely short sprint times from a standing start, reaches for the M3 with M xDrive and can drive at the push of a button, nevertheless, a rear-wheel drive. Those who would rather skip every unnecessary kilogram, reaches for the purist, and still drive more active rear-wheel-drive, and omitted a couple of tenths in the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h. The disadvantage of this solution is that The M GmbH would have to develop two completely different chassis, which is optimal to the drive-specific differences in weight distribution and force transmission are matched.

As a source of power, a more sophisticated variant of the well-known twin-turbo in-line six-cylinder is, according to Kacher. The B58-based and internally S58-called engine should be combined with water injection and a 48-Volt on-Board network, is therefore, also electrically-powered turbocharger may have been in the base models, a power in the range of 500-HP engine to provide drive from the M4 GTS. For stronger variants, such as the next M3 with the Competition package or the successor to the M3 CS is, therefore, likely to well over 500 HP.

Is combined of the engine as in the M5 with a sporty variant of the eight-speed automatic from ZF, the days of the 7-speed M DCT are also counted in M3 and M4. That the new Generation will continue to be offered with a manual transmission, it must be doubted due to the very reasonable demand – about 90 percent of all the M3 can be ordered today, with automatic transmission, the hand-switch is practically a niche model. Against him is that he hurts with a higher standard fuel consumption, the CO2 footprint of the company.

Thanks to more lightweight reinforced efforts of the BMW M3 G80 will bring a little less weight than the current Generation on the scale and the weight advantage on the rivals continue to increase. Of course, to divide the weight in an optimal ratio of 50:50 between the two axles, and contribute to, the M3 allows you to securely and reliably at the border area to move. Despite the reduced weight, the body should be even stiffer than before.

Even if the next BMW M3 is still some time to wait, and behind some of the Details are still a relatively large question mark, is likely to be a fact is indisputable: the anticipation of The sixth Generation of the impressive Power sedan from Garching, Germany, is increasing with each passing day, which puts your market to start in 2020 in more detail. And in Garching, you will do everything in order not to disappoint the Fans and lovers of the flagship.

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