BMW M5 F90: Tacho-Video shows acceleration from 0 to 230 km/h

With a specification of 3.4 seconds for the Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h the new BMW M5 F90 is not less than the previously fastest production BMW ever. He is a little later in the three-digit speed range, not a child of sadness, and shows a short speedo Video of Martin Tomczyk. The BMW works driver is allowed to move the Power sedan currently in the framework of the international presentation to the press on the race track of Estoril and has taken the opportunity, apparently, to make a speedometer Video of the impressive acceleration of the vehicle and on his Youtube channel to upload.

On the grippy Asphalt of the racetrack, the first BMW M5 accelerates, with all-wheel drive is extremely toxic and catapulted its 1.9 tons within a very short time on a country road pace. In the Video more than three seconds elapse barely to Reach the 100 mark, the 200 km/h fall after about 11 seconds and the 300 km/h would only be a matter of time, if not the end of the long Start-to-finish would Just ask around 230 km/h after a sharp braking manoeuvre.

Possible the enormous acceleration is due to the V8-Biturbo S63, which was revised for use in the new BMW M5 F90 fundamentally once again. 600 HP and 750 Newton meters of torque to be portioned with the aid of a specially designed to use in the M5-tuned eight-speed torque-Converter automatic transmission with the engine at a full throttle acceleration moves continuously in an optimum operating window. Thanks to the traction of four driven wheels, the power is converted just at the time of acceleration from a standing start much more efficiently into propulsion than it was in the predecessor, with rear-wheel drive.

The actual Strengths of all-wheel drive M xDrive do not lie on a straight line, is a product of M GmbH on the Hand – but more on that later. What the sophisticated technology package is straight ahead in the position, the Tacho-Video of Martin Tomczyk:

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