BMW M760Li xDrive in Imola Red: Fiery Tuning of Abu Dhabi Motors

Red is striking and one of the most well-known BMW dealer presents in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi Motors, the BMW M760Li xDrive in Imola Red. Not only is the color eye-catching, but also the fiery, Tuning parts, which come from the Japanese tuner 3D Design.

The already menacing appearance of the luxury sedan BMW M760Li xDrive are underlined by the ultra-flashy lacquer finish in Imola Red once again thick. Fiery Tuning for the 610 HP-bullet comes from Abu Dhabi Motors, is now one of the rare copies of the series in their Showroom. Several times already we had reported this year about the fancy colors of the precious craft. Most recently, in rally Green.

Understatement is not the case, but you can do without, eventually, occasionally. And because it may be equal to a little more Red, is this paint also continued in the interior. Red leather on the Seats, at the bottom of the dashboard and on the centre console – striking it is unlikely.

Thus, the missile accelerates to and in accordance with the color announcement to the front, under the bright red hood is a 6.6-Liter twelve-cylinder engine with 610 HP and a maximum torque of 800 Newton meters installed. The red 5,20 meters long missile shoots in just 3.7 seconds from a standstill to 100 km/h and accelerated up to 305 km/h. Who sees the striking red paint color might overlook easily, the else attached to the attachments from the Japanese Tuner 3D Design. There would be bumper to the spoiler use to be more present design of the front. And on the tailgate is also a small, front Spoiler, you will find the. Of course, also in Imola Red painted.

Images: © BMW Abu Dhabi Motors

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