BMW M8 GTE type Car: So beautiful could be the Art Car #20

The over 40 years ago started the history of the BMW Art Cars has received this year, two new chapters, but is not told yet. A hot candidate for the automobile based on the next BMW Art Cars with the number 20 of the new BMW M8 GTE, which will be in January, made his debut on the racetrack and later on also at the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans compete. However, even if the last Art Cars had a clear relation to exactly how many new strong Motorsport, this context is by no means mandatory.

As well, an Art Car based on the BMW M8 GTE could look like, show us the current Photoshop designs of Monholo Oumar who has let his creativity for Deviance Artwork. Inspiration from previous Art Cars, the color were often very happy and this is already clear at first glance from the sponsors-embossed Look of most other race cars in the field were served to him. His fictional BMW M8 GTE type Car is dominated by bright Blue, Yellow and Red, and shows the potential of Renner’s is in the Design of the new GT.

Where the journey goes for the next Art Car, however, not yet to foresee. After the double blow with two Art Cars in the year 2017, a little break would be on the way to 20. A work of art on wheels is no big Surprise. How different is the BMW Art Car of the selected artists in the past was edited, shows our review of the 16 BMW Art Cars from 1975 to 2007. Since then, the BMW M3 GT2 by Jeff Koons (#17), the BMW M6 GT3 by Cao Fei (#18) and the BMW M6 GT3 of John Baldessari (#19) to the official collection.

How Monoholo Oumar introduces the BMW M8 GTE type Car, showing our pictures gallery of his digital designs:

© Monholo Oumar 2017Deviance Artwork

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